Daddy Takes Over

Chapter 01

I work a 9-5 job, but as with most corporate positions, it usually turns into 9-9 on most days. But today was an exception and I snuck out at 3:30 on the pretense of not feeling well. I guess you could say I wasn’t feeling well because my mind was in no place for work to be done. My wife had decided to become a frigid bitch in the recent months, I’m pretty sure it was due to the amount of time she was spending over at our new neighbors house fucking some other woman’s husband. A man can only take so much, you know?

I went home with a plan to call up an old girlfriend or two until I could find a hot fuck for the night. I pulled into the garage of our house and went inside. I noticed my daughter Suzy’s school bag by the door and figured I should go say hello before starting my calls.

I climbed the stairs to the second floor and saw that her door was slightly ajar. I pushed it open farther and to my surprise Suzy was standing there in nothing but a little wet towel. It barely covered her firm round ass and her long legs were mine to admire. I hadn’t realized my little girl had grown into a woman. I only ever saw her in her frumpy girl’s school uniform or sweats since my wife had decided that our daughter shouldn’t be exposed to boys until she had a college education. My dick was starting to harden in my pants as I stared at my beautiful daughter. I swallowed dryly, “Hey Suzy how was school?”

She jumped slightly, as if startled out of a trance. “Oh Daddy, you scared me. What are you doing home so early?”

“I was feeling a little tired and decided to call it a day.” I couldn’t stop staring at her hot little body hidden with only that towel. I walked over and sat on the edge of her bed. “Remind me sweetheart, how old are you?”

“Haha, Daddy! Don’t be silly you know I’m 18.” She giggled lightly. Of course, I remembered, I couldn’t make it to her birthday party a month ago because of a meeting.

“So tell me sweetheart,” I asked, “do you have a boyfriend yet?”

“Of course not Daddy, I barely even know any boys.”

“Have you ever kissed a boy?” I waited patiently for her answer, still unable to take my eyes off her body. She lowered her eyes and blushed a little before she mumbled,

“Just once.”

My cock twitched in my pants at the thought of how innocent my little girl still was. I was practically drooling and could no longer control myself. “Have you ever seen a boy’s penis baby doll?” She shook her head no and I licked my lips. “Do you want Daddy to show you something?”

“Okay.” She answered shyly. I almost moaned at her answer as I stood up, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my rock hard cock.

“This is Daddy’s cock, baby.” She stared at it wide-eyed for a minute. “You look very hot right now sweetie, really sexy and beautiful.

“Daddy…” She blushed, clearly embarrassed. She didn’t realize that her embarrassment was only making me want her more.

“Why don’t you take off that towel and let Daddy see all of you, pumpkin?”

“I-I don’t know Daddy.” She stammered and clutched tighter to the towel.

“Come on baby, we’re going to do something very grown up that will make Daddy very, very happy.”

“Well, I want to make you happy, Daddy.” Her words went straight to my dick, making it throb. She slowly dropped the towel and I hungrily took in the view of her young body. Perfect handful breasts with big pink, hard nipples, small waist curving out into gorgeous hips and oh, puffy little pussy lips with a topping of curly dark blonde hair. Gorgeous. Unknowing I had started stroking my cock as I stared at my hot little girl.

“Mmm, you’re so sexy. Do you know where Daddy likes to puts his cock that makes him so happy?” She was eighteen, of course she knew what sex was, but I couldn’t help playing a little game.

“Y-yes, Daddy.” She blushed again. Perfect. I put my hand gently between her legs and tickled the opening of her pussy, then her little asshole.

“Here and here, right?” I asked and she nodded numbly. “Would you like to let Daddy put his cock in you sweetheart?” It was too late now, I needed to fuck her sweet little brains out whether she liked it or not.

“If it will make you happy, Daddy.” She answered, sounding a little bit sad and mechanical. It was as much of a yes as I needed.

“Oh, it will make me so happy. You have no idea how happy, baby. Now get on your knees and suck Daddy’s cock.” She was mine now, and I was going to have her any way I wanted. She dropped to her knees and I held my dick to her lips. She stuck out her tongue and started to lightly lick the head then suck just a little on the tip. “That’s great sweetie.” I put my hand on the back of her head and started to push her farther onto my cock. “Take more of Daddy’s dick baby, suck harder, and make him feel real good.” She did just as she was told and I groaned in ecstasy. I put both hands on the back of her head and pumped my dick in and out of Suzy’s hot mouth. I was driving myself into a frenzy.

“Ohh you’re good at that baby. Now get up and bend over the bed for Daddy.” I didn’t want to blow my load in her mouth before I’d had a chance at all of her other tender bits. She obediently bent over at the waist with her hands on the bed. I fondled her virgin ass, my hard-on rubbing against her. “Would you like Daddy to put his hard cock up your ass?” I asked as I admired her round ass.

“If it will make you happy, Daddy.” I almost laughed at her now stock answer for my questions. But I wanted to hear her say it and told her to ask me.

“Will you put your cock up my ass, please Daddy?” She said in a small voice. It was still hot even though I told her to say it. I spit on her asshole and slowly stuck the head of my dick into her tight, tight ass. She screamed “Daddy! It hurts!” But I expected that and ignored her, stuffing another three inches of my dick into her ass, moving in and out slowly with half my dick. She started to cry and whimper a little as I stuffed the rest of my cock into her hot, tight asshole. I started to fuck her harder. “Owww, Daddy it hurts!” She cried.

Her crying got me hotter and my dick throbbed in her ass. “How bad does it hurt baby? Do you want Daddy to stop?” I fucked her faster and harder as I said this. She shouted that she wanted me to stop but I kept fucking her. “Keep crying sweetheart, Daddy’s not stopping till he cums! Your tight little ass is making Daddy feel so good, you want to make Daddy happy don’t you?” I grabbed her tits, pulling her up into me and thrusting my cock deeper.

“DADDY!!” She screamed.

“Ohhh, fuck yeah baby!” I held her thighs, lifting her off the ground and bouncing her roughly up and down on my cock. “Awww here it comes sweetheart, here’s Daddy’s hot cum for his little girl!” I groaned like an animal as my cock twitched in Suzy’s ass and I shot load after load of cum into her. I put her feet back down on the floor as I pulled out, panting. I held her close to me and reached around to rub her clit gently. “Mmm, thank you baby doll, you made Daddy feel really unbelievably good.” I picked her up and laid her down on her bed. “Now Daddy’s going to make you feel good.” I told her as I positioned myself between her legs.

She whimpered, a few tears still running down her cheeks, but I was going to be gentle. I slowly ran my tongue up and down her slit, teasing at her pussy and massaging her clit. I could hear her breathing change and could tell she was enjoying it. I sucked her clit into my mouth, flicking my tongue over it as she let out a soft moan. “You like that sweetheart? Your pussy tastes so good.” She moaned a little louder. I dipped my tongue in and out of her virgin pussy just a little, then sucked on her clit some more. Her breathing was getting more and more ragged. I shoved my index finger into her vagina, breaking her hymen, but she barely noticed. I tongued her clit as I rubbed my finger on the upper part of her pussy, applying a bit of pressure to her g-spot. She moaned loudly and I whispered “Oh yeah, cum for Daddy baby.” Into her wet pussy.

“Oh, Ohhhh Daddy! Daddy!!” She came all over my hand and mouth, her pussy contracting around my finger. She let out a final moan before her body relaxed. “You liked that didn’t you Suzy?” She nodded, still a little numb from her orgasm. “There’s one last thing that Daddy wants to do with you, but it will feel good for both of us, I promise. Daddy wants to put his cock in your pussy. Would you like that?”

“Yes, Daddy, I think I would like that.” She smiled sweetly at me and I lay down on the bed. I got her to straddle me and I held my cock to help guide it into her fresh pussy. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as she ever so slowly lowered herself onto my cock meat. I watched my dick disappear into her tight cunt and almost came right there. I grabbed her tits and played with her hard little nipples as she devoured my thick cock with her pussy.

“Yeah baby doll, that’s it. Mmm, you’re pussy is so wet for Daddy. Now bounce on Daddy’s dick like you were riding a horse. Up and down, just like that.” I put my hands on her hips to help her get the hang of it, but she was a natural. She smiled down at me as she started to find her rhythm. “Oh god baby, ride it harder. You like Daddy’s big hard cock in your pussy? You like the way it feels inside you?”

“Oh yes Daddy! It feels so good.” She moaned.

“Aww sweetheart, ride me harder. Daddy wants to see your little tits bounce.” She rode me hard, driving herself up and down on my dick, clearly enjoying it. “Yes baby, yes! Harder, harder!” I smacked her ass as she rode my dick. “Daddy’s gonna cum baby! Ride me Suzy! Fuck your Daddy! Ohhhh YES!!” I grabbed her hips and held my dick deep inside her shooting wads of cum into her pussy.

“Ohh Daddy.” She sighed.

“Mmm, fuck sweetheart. You just made Daddy the happiest man on earth.”

Chapter 02

Since my first encounter with my little Suzy, I started the slow process of turning her into a perfect slut for her Daddy. Today was the first day of her training and we were going to work on her wardrobe, so it was off to the mall.

“Daddy, do we have to go shopping?” Suzy whined in the car on the way. “I hate shopping.”

“Now sweetie, Daddy’s going to buy you some very pretty things and I promise you’ll have at least a bit of fun.” I reached my hand over and rubbed her thigh through her jeans. Pretty soon we were at the mall and I decided it would be best to start with the basics: lingerie.

Suzy was clearly embarrassed to be in a lingerie shop at all, let alone with her father, so I had to take charge. I grabbed quite a few things off the racks and ushered her into the spacious change room. I watched my little girl strip to just her panties and I couldn’t help myself from leaning over to give her a passionate kiss on the lips as my hand trailed down to tease her clit through the fabric. “Daddy.” She whispered.

“You’re right honey, save it for later.” I smiled, “Now, let’s see some of these things on you.” She modeled item after item for me: camisoles, babydolls, bras, bustiers, nighties, slips, and pajama sets. We decided on a few bra and panty sets, a pair of pink pajamas with a strappy tank top and cute little booty shorts that framed her ass perfectly, a black lacy see-through babydoll, and of course, a black garter belt with some stockings. After I paid for the items and we were on our way to the next store I noticed a little smile on my girls face. “Having fun yet sweetie?” I inquired.

“A little bit, Daddy.” She blushed ever so slightly. I knew she would come around and I hoped our next stop at a trendy clothing store would be just as enjoyable.

“Now honey, Daddy is going to pick up a couple things on his own, but I want you to start trying things on in here. Tell the sales lady you want to look sexy if you need some help. I’ll be back in about twenty minutes and I expect you to have a few outfits to show me. Can you do that for Daddy sweetie?”

“I think so Daddy.” Suzy said, a tinge of nervousness in her voice. “You can do it baby, I’ll be back in a bit.” And with that I went off to the other side of the mall to the big department store to get some new boxers for myself and a few pairs of knee high socks for my Suzy. I made my purchase and on my way back to the clothing store I couldn’t help but wonder what hot outfits my baby girl was going to have to show me.

I wandered to the back of the store where the change rooms were. “Suzy?” I questioned, not knowing which door she was behind.

“In here Daddy!” She chimed and opened her door up just a sliver. I looked around and the store was dead, the rest of the changing rooms empty, and the staff were up at the counter preferring to chat amongst themselves rather than daring to help a customer. Perfect. I slipped into her room, locking the door behind me, but I was not prepared for what I saw. My little Suzy, bathed in the harsh light of the tiny cubicle wearing a tight white polo shirt and the shortest plaid skirt I’ve ever seen.

“Oh, baby.” I groaned.

“Don’t you like it Daddy?” Suzy said, suddenly self conscious.

“Just the opposite baby girl. I love it.” And with that I pulled her in close to me, kissing her hard on the lips, grinding my stiff cock into her. I reached underneath that tiny skirt to massage her firm, round ass before pulling down her panties and stuffing them in my pocket. I remembered the knee socks I had bought and had her put on a white pair. “Mmm, honey, you have no idea how hot you look, now bend over for Daddy.” She did as she was told and put her hands up against one of the mirrored walls. I quickly undid my pants and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit. “Baby, you’re already so wet for Daddy.” I whispered in her ear. “Does wearing this cute little outfit for him get you hot?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She whispered back.

“I don’t think you should ever wear pants around Daddy again, okay sweetie? Daddy wants to be able to touch you whenever he wants.”

“Okay Daddy.”

“Good girl, sweetie. Now you get Daddy’s nice big reward for being such a good girl.” I put my hand over her mouth and rammed my cock to the hilt in her wet little pussy. I fucked her hard and fast and kept my hand tight to her mouth to muffle her moans. “You like Daddy’s reward, don’t you honey?” I asked and she nodded vigorously in response. “Mmm that’s my girl.” Her breathing quickened and she was bucking back onto my dick, with a few more hard strokes she was cumming. The walls of her pussy clamped hard onto my cock and I let her orgasm pump the cum out of me. I took my hand off her mouth and she let out a deep sigh.

“I liked that Daddy.” She said.

“I did too honey, very much.” I responded as I stuffed my cock back into my pants. “Now show Daddy what other outfits you’ve got.” And she did, showing off an array of extremely short skirts and tight tops that hugged all her curves perfectly. We ventured out of the change room and it was obvious the sales girls were none the wiser of our little romp. I had my baby keep one of the skirts on (without her panties, which were still in my pocket) as we ventured to our last stop of the day — shoes.

“You’re gonna like this one baby girl, because Daddy’s gonna do all the work and I just want you to sit right here.”

“Okay Daddy.” She smiled and sat herself down in the chair. I’d taken her to the large discount shoe store and sat her in the farthest back corner of the shop. I ventured out and grabbed many styles in her size before heading back to her with a stack of boxes. I got on my knees down in front of her and took off her old sneakers before putting my hands on her knees and spreading her legs ever so slightly.

“Ooh Daddy has such a lovely view from down here sweetie.” I said, looking up her skirt to her pink and freshly fucked pussy. She giggled and I put the first pair of shoes on her feet. A cute pair of patent leather Mary Janes, perfect to complete her hot little schoolgirl look. After those followed many pairs of high heels, stilettos, platforms, and the like. Needless to say we left with a few pairs and headed back to the car.

The parking lot was pretty empty by the time we got back to the car and I watched intently as Suzy slid into the passenger seat, her tiny skirt riding up even higher. She was still uncomfortable in it, trying to pull the hem down to cover herself. My cock was hardening in my pants watching her. “Leave it be sweetie, Daddy likes it like that.”

“But, Daddy…”

“Shh honey.” I reached over and grabbed the back of her head, pulling her into me for a kiss. I took her hand and placed it on my crotch, making her feel my growing member. “Feel how hard you’re making Daddy.” And she did, rubbing me through my pants as she climbed up into the passenger seat to sit on her knees. “I think you better pull it out and suck on it baby, make Daddy feel real nice.”

“Okay Daddy.” She smiled as she unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing cock out. She started to lick at the head, nice long, slow licks.

“Now remember what Daddy likes honey.” I said as I pushed her head down gently. “Daddy wants you to have as much in your mouth as you can handle.” She took the message and her head slipped down far onto my cock. “Mmm yes baby, just like that.” She was getting to work with her hot little mouth and I started the car.

“Daddy, what are you doing?” She asked, a little frightened.

“We’ve got to get going sweetie or we’ll be late for dinner. You just keep sucking Daddy’s cock, okay?”

“O-okay Daddy.” She said as she wrapped her lips back around my cock. I put the car in gear and started on the very enjoyable ride home. My baby was turning into quite the little cock sucker and it was all I could do not to blow my load in her mouth. About a block away from home I told her she could stop and I shoved my still hard cock back into my pants. “Didn’t I do a good job Daddy?” She asked.

“Sweetie, you did a great job but Daddy doesn’t want to cum just yet.” I pulled the car into the garage. “Now, let’s get inside, supper is probably ready and waiting for us.”

“Honey, we’re home!” I called as we walked in the door.

“It’s about time, suppers ready and what the hell are you wearing Suzy?!” My wife practically screamed when she laid eyes on Suzy’s new look.

“Relax honey,” I said, “It’s what all the girls her age are wearing, I’m sure it’s just a phase.”

“Well she looks like a tramp.” She said, and I couldn’t help but think that’s exactly the point.

“Then she’ll fit in perfectly with all the other tramps her age.” I countered.

“Let’s just eat.” She said, giving me an icy stare. She sat down on the opposite side of the table from Suzy and me. We all dished up and started eating, making small talk about our days and the recent news. My wife also had the television turned on rather loudly to one of those stupid gardening networks and she seemed to be more interested in that than her own family. I slipped one hand down into my lap as I ate, unzipped my pants quietly and pulled my still hard cock out. I reached over and squeezed Suzy’s bare knee and she put her hand on mine, I grabbed it and wrapped her fingers around my cock.

Suzy shot me a glance that looked something like “Are you crazy?” and I just smiled back at her and continued to make inane small talk. I pumped her hand up and down my cock until I was sure that if I took my hand away, she would continue, and she did. It was too hot, my little girl jacking me off under the table with my wife sitting right across from me, I knew I wasn’t going to last very long. I purposefully knocked my knife off the table and my wife rolled her eyes at me.

“Oops, clumsy me. Suzy could you get that for me please?” She nodded and as she crawled under the table I continued to stroke my dick. I felt Suzy’s hot lips wrap around the head of my cock and I jerked myself off into her mouth. “Ooohh honey, have you done something new with the pot roast? Mmmmm oohhh god, it’s delicious.” I moaned, trying desperately to cover up the fact I was shooting streams of gooey cum into my daughter’s mouth.

“Hmm? Oh, no, I don’t think so.” My wife said, she had barely even registered me speaking, let alone covering anything up. Suzy popped back up into her chair with my knife.

“Here you go Daddy.” She smiled and wiped a gob of my cum off her chin and into her mouth.

“Thank you sweetheart.” I said as I thought about all the wonderful fun we were going to have together.

Chapter 03

My little Suzy was well on her way to becoming her Daddy’s ideal slut. After our trip to the mall, she really started to take to her new wardrobe of short skirts, tight or low-cut shirts, and no panties. Her mother was outraged to have that nubile eighteen-year-old body flaunted in front of her — in her very own house too. She had tried for so long to keep Suzy covered up that she thought that teenage rebellion was the reason for the sudden change of wardrobe choices.

Not only was Suzy enjoying the wardrobe of a little whore, she also greatly enjoyed the activities, and I quickly found out that her pussy was wet at almost all hours of the day. She was ready to take her Daddy’s cock whenever I felt the need for her (which was of course, quite frequently). The fact that my wife was either out of the house, or entirely oblivious every day gave me plenty of time to train my Suzy, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a few close calls.

One evening I came home from work with a strong need for my little girl so I went up to her room. “Oh, hi Daddy!” Suzy squealed and jumped up from her bed to give me a hug.

“Mm hi baby,” I said, giving her a big hug, my hands on her fine, round ass, “were you a good girl for Daddy today?”

“Yes Daddy, I did just what you asked and went to the bathroom at my break and made myself cum.”

I gave her a big kiss, gently probing with my tongue past her sweet pink lips, slipping my hands under her skirt to feel her bare bottom and pulling her hips into my hardening cock. “That’s my good girl.” I whispered as I pulled her pink tank top up, tugging the cups of her bra down releasing her perfect handful tits, and started to tease her nipples. I pinched and rolled her hard nubs between my thumb and forefinger, listening to her low moans. I leaned down to suck on one, brining most of her round breast into my mouth with it.

“Mmm Daddy,” Suzy moaned as I bit one of her small, pink nipples. “It got me so hot today, masturbating for you at school Daddy, I had a hard time being quiet.”

“Is that so pumpkin?” I asked as I moved my hand between her legs to feel her warm, bare, wet little pussy. “Oh Suzy, your sweet cunt is dripping for Daddy, isn’t it?” I said as I rubbed her hard clit under her skirt. She blushed a deep red and mumbled something with her face pressed into my chest. My hand continued to play with her excited little pussy underneath her black skirt as I asked her to repeat herself clearly. She looked up at me, obviously embarrassed as she was still uncomfortable talking dirty. “Come on sweetie, tell Daddy what you said or he won’t let you cum.”

“I said I need your cock Daddy.” Suzy whispered, cheeks bright pink, and I felt my dick twitch in my pants.

“Then you had better take it out honey.” I said, watching her sit down on the edge of the bed and unzip my pants. She pulled out my hard cock and whimpered a little as she rubbed the length of it. “Mmm good girl Suzy.” I moaned as she started to lick the tip with her warm tongue. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her mouth down on my hard cock, “Suck it like I taught you baby, take it deep.” She listened well and took my dick far into the back of her throat, choking just a little bit, before pulling back off again. She did this a few times before I decided I needed her sweet pussy. “Let’s trade places Suzy, I want you to sit on Daddy’s lap.”

“Okay Daddy.” Suzy smiled as she stood up and I took her place on the bed. I pulled her down on my lap, her legs on either side of mine, my dick sticking up between her creamy thighs, making a tent of her skirt. I could feel how hot her pussy had gotten as she rubbed it against my cock, practically begging to have it inside her. I kissed the back of her neck and reached around to play with her perfect breasts, making her moan.

“I just love your perky tits sweetheart, but do you know what Daddy likes even better than squeezing your wonderful, perky chest? If you guess right, Daddy will do it for you.” I whispered in her ear, and she replied,

“Fucking my pussy, Daddy.” I could tell from her voice how embarrassed she was to utter those words. I didn’t answer, but instead slipped my hands under her ass lifting her up and then lowering her onto my stiff cock. I groaned as my dick entered her hot, tight snatch, and as soon as I was buried completely inside her she started to grind her hips back and forth. “Ohh Daddy!” she moaned as I grabbed onto her hips and started to thrust up into her.

“Do you like bouncing on Daddy’s lap honey? Does it make you feel good?”

“Ohh yes, yes Daddy! It feels so good!” She cried. “You’re gonna make me cum Daddy!”

“Aww yeah baby, cum all over Daddy’s cock.” I groaned as I started to fuck her harder and faster, my dick slamming in and out of her tiny pussy, her tits jiggling.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Suzy screamed as she came hard, her tight pussy clamping down on me. Her heavy breathing and moans almost drowned out a noise coming from downstairs — the garage door opening. “Daddy, Mom’s coming home!” She said, panicking, and tried to get up off my lap.

“Oh no you don’t Suzy, we still have a minute and Daddy needs to cum.” I stated as I pulled her back into me, ramming my cock in and out of her furiously. “Yeah baby, take Daddy’s big cock, your pussy is so wet for it and Daddy needs to fill you with his hot cum.” I groaned as I heard the bitch’s car pull in and the garage door close. “Ohh fuck Suzy, this is going to be close, help Daddy cum faster if you don’t want Mom to catch us. Tell Daddy how much you need it.”

“I need your cum so bad Daddy. I want to feel your dick throb as you cum in me. Please Daddy; fill me with your hot cum.” The door slams. “Cum in your little girl Daddy!”

“Ohh yes Suzy! That’s it, here’s Daddy’s cum for you baby girl!” I groaned as quietly as I could as I pumped stream after stream of thick juice into her sweet little cunt.

“Hello?” Came a voice from downstairs.

“Answer her Suzy.” I whispered as the last of my cum dribbled out and I stood up, quickly shoving my spent cock back in my pants as my girl did as she was told. Suzy pulled her shirt back down and flopped down on the bed, pretending to read a magazine as I snuck into the hallway to the bathroom, closing the door behind me just as my wife was cresting the staircase.

“Where’s your father?” I heard the hag ask, and then Suzy’s muffled response. “Oh, well I’m just here to change, I’m going out with some people from work, you two are on your own for supper. There’s a pizza in the freezer if you’re desperate.” I waited until I heard our bedroom door close before I flushed the toilet and went back into Suzy’s room.

“You’re such a good girl.” I whispered and gave her a deep kiss on the mouth. “Spread your legs a little honey.” I asked as I lifted up her skirt to watch my cum leak out of her. “Mmm sweetheart, that’s so beautiful, you better have a taste.” I said as I slid a finger along her cum-covered snatch before bringing it up to her lips. She sucked my finger hungrily and with a smile in her eyes.

We heard the door to the master bedroom open and my wife poked her head into Suzy’s room. “There you are. I’m going out.” She said icily.

“I know, Suzy was telling me we are fending for ourselves tonight.”

“Yeah, well don’t expect me back until late.” She said, turned, and left.

Suzy and I turned to each other and smiled, “Well pumpkin, let’s have some supper and then Daddy just might have your little pussy for dessert.”

Chapter 04

After our last close call, my little Suzy and I got a bit of a taste for adventure and I wanted to take her on some outings. Luckily by now my eighteen year old baby girl was willing to do just about anything to please her Daddy.

I picked her up one afternoon from her college classes, and she bounded into the passenger seat of my car wearing a tiny pleated blue skirt and a tight low cut white tee-shirt. “Hi Daddy!” she beamed as she put her bag in the back seat.

“Hi baby girl, I hope you’re ready for some fun.”

“Heehee Daddy, of course I am.”

“That’s good baby; now take off your bra and panties for Daddy okay?”

“Okay Daddy.” She replied as I pulled the car out and she did as she was told.

We only drove for a few minutes before I parked the car again and we both got out. “Where are we going Daddy?” Suzy asked.

“We’re going on a little ride Suzy.” I grinned and took her hand, leading her into the nearby subway station.

The station was jammed with the after-school crowd and those skipping out of work a bit early on a Friday. Suzy and I slipped through the people and onto the first train, which by now was standing-room only. “Which station are we getting off at Daddy?” Suzy questioned.

I put my hand around her waist, pulled her in close to me, and whispered in her ear, “That depends sweetie.” I held her close with one arm, and slipped my hand down in-between us to fondle her sweet round ass. Her cheeks turned bright red, but she started to grind her ass back into me. I slid my hand down her bare ass to her damp little snatch and Suzy spread her legs obligingly. “Mmm that’s my good girl” I whispered.

I rubbed her hard little clit as we were jostled about by all the people on the train. Suzy’s cheeks were bright red and she was trying so hard to not make any noise so no one would notice her Daddy fingering her sweet pussy. My cock was straining against my jeans and pressing into Suzy’s ass as I made my baby girl cum hard all over my hand. Her eyes watered a little and she let out a small strained moan, but no one seemed to care.

Feeling a bit braver in the crowd, I slid my hand up under Suzy’s shirt to fondle her perfect tits, rubbing her hard little nipples that were clearly visible through her thin shirt. I shoved two fingers back in her dripping pussy and pressed my wet thumb against her tight asshole as I ground my swollen, confined cock against her fleshy ass. The train came to a sudden stop, causing everyone to stumble a little, and forcing my thumb up my baby girl’s sweet hole. She let out a small squeak at the suddenness, but quickly relaxed, letting me stimulate her pussy and asshole with my thick fingers.

Suzy clutched tightly to the metal pole in front of her as I worked my fingers in and out of both her holes. Her sweet juices were starting to run down her thighs and I felt her clench as she came again.

Suzy turned her head to look at me, eyes pleading, ass pressing into my crotch as she whispered “please, Daddy.”

I smiled at her and quickly looked around the crowded train, but the constant shuffle of people meant that no one paid much attention to anything around them. I unzipped my jeans and freed my hard cock, hastily sheathing it in my daughter’s dripping pussy. I felt her knees give and I pressed her up hard against the pole she was clinging to. “Ohhh Daddy” she moaned breathlessly.

Suzy ground her hips against me and I looked down at her, noticing that the subway pole had pushed itself between her tits, which were now straining against her thin shirt. “Oh god Suzy” I whispered in her ear, “you look like such a slut pressed up against that pole. You’re Daddy’s little slut aren’t you honey? You love taking Daddy’s dick with all these people around, don’t you baby girl?”

“Yessss Daddy!” she sighed.

I grabbed her round hips and started thrusting and grinding into her hot, tight pussy. Suzy’s tits jiggled with each thrust and each shudder of the subway train. My baby girl let out a little moan and I felt her pussy clamp down around my cock. I couldn’t hold back and I quietly groaned as I pumped stream after stream of hot cum into my little girl.

By now the crowds had settled down some, and I shoved my cock back in my jeans. “Come on baby, we have to catch our next train” I grinned at her and she smiled back up at me.

“Okay Daddy, whatever you say!”

Chapter 05

After a long year of training my little girl Suzy into Daddy’s perfect eighteen year old slut, it was finally the holidays – a time for sharing. Luckily Suzy was now completely mine and would do pretty much whatever I asked of her. She wore her short skirts and low-cut tops everywhere and would usually forgo underwear when she was at home so that I could take advantage of her sweet tight pussy whenever I wanted. Her mother had mostly stopped caring, and just spent even more time at work and out of the house so she just didn’t have to deal with Suzy’s new sexy look.

Our mall, like most, sets up a Santa’s Village in December complete with the big red chair, fake reindeer, a little house, and the man himself. I got my Suzy all dressed up in a perfect little pink dress (short and tight in the chest), with white over the knee socks, black Mary Jane shoes, and her hair done up in pigtails to go get her photo taken with Santa. We went right at the end of the day when there weren’t many people around, and although the bored teenage “elves” gave us a bit of a strange look, Suzy played her part perfectly and bounded up into Santa’s lap to have her picture taken.

“Hohoho little girl, what do you want for Christmas this year?” the mall Santa chuckled while staring down my Suzy’s dress, his white gloved hand on her waist. Suzy leaned in and whispered into his ear exactly what I told her to say:

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“I only want one thing Santa, and I’ve been a real good girl all year long, especially for my Daddy.”

“Oho is that so my dear? Well, tell me what it is you want.”

“I want you to fuck me, Santa. Please, I’ve been real good and I’m not wearing panties and it would make me so happy.” Suzy whispered as I watched from a distance as the Santa’s cheeks turned even brighter red than his velvet suit. Suzy shifted in his lap and smiled for her picture, her hand on Santa’s crotch.

The mall Santa cleared his throat and told his elves that this was the last one for today and that they could go home. The elves shrugged, and not wanting to argue with going home a bit early for the day, they put up the closed signs and wandered off while Santa ushered Suzy into the little house he used for his breaks and I followed.

Santa made himself comfortable in a big chair inside the house while I got out my video camera. “So what’s the deal?” Santa asked from behind his big fake beard.

“Nothing really,” I replied, “this is my little girl and like she said she just really wants to fuck Santa Claus, and I would like to make a little holiday movie. Just keep your costume on, play the part, and you can do whatever you like.”

Suzy got down on her knees in front of Santa and looked up at him past his big fat belly, “Please Santa? Pleaaassee?” she begged as she started to rub his cock through his costume.

“Oh fuck yes!” the Santa groaned.

“Alright, let’s get started then. Suzy honey, why don’t you sit on Santa’s lap to start with and we’ll go from there. And you,” I said pointing at the fat man, “stay in character for my little girl.” I turned on the camera as Suzy climbed up on Santa’s lap, being sure to flash her bare little pussy toward the camera as she did.

“Hohoho sweetheart, what a pretty girl you are.” Santa chuckled as he started to feel up her ass with one hand, his other squeezing one of her tits. “And so grown up too.”

“Heehee Santa,” Suzy giggled, squirming in his lap.

“Hoho You’ve been such a good girl this year that Santa wants to give you a special present, so why don’t you get down on your knees, close your eyes, and open your mouth for a special treat from Santa?”

“Okay Santa!” Suzy grinned as she did as she was told. Santa pulled down the elastic waist of his costume, parted his fur-trimmed coat, and guided Suzy’s mouth to his hard pink cock. Suzy latched on to his dick with her lips, sucking him off like a pro.

“Ho ooohh little girl, that’s it. Oohh suck Santa’s special candy cane.” He groaned, pumping his hips towards her mouth.

“Mmm Santa it’s real yummy!” Suzy said, reaching up to stroke his shaft with one hand as she fondled his balls with the other. I zoomed in close with the camera as she bobbed her head back and forth on the hard cock sticking out of Santa’s big red suit.

“Do it faster for Santa little girl and you’ll get a nice warm treat from my candy cane.”

Suzy picked up the pace, sucking harder and stroking his cock up and down. I zoomed back out to get a nice shot of my little girl on her knees with her head in Santa’s lap, and Santa sprawled out, his white gloved hand on the back of her head, making her take “Santa’s special candy cane” deeper. Santa groaned and held Suzy’s head on his cock as he came into her throat. Suzy swallowed every drop and used her tongue to clean off all of Santa’s cream. “Oh Santa that was tasty!” Suzy said as she licked her lips.

“Hohoho I’m glad you liked Santa’s treat, now Santa needs you to sit in his lap again.” Suzy got up and straightened out her dress, smiling at me and the camera as she went to sit on Santa’s knee. “No no sweetheart, not like that. Here, spread your legs for Santa so he can see what a good girl you are.” Santa grabbed one of Suzy’s legs and spread it over his lap to rest on the chair. Suzy’s glistening pussy was bare to the camera and Santa tugged her dress down to reveal her perky tits. “Hoho that’s more like it” Santa chuckled as he fondled my baby’s sweet breasts, flicking her nipples and making her squirm.

Santa tugged one of his gloves off and reached down to play with Suzy’s wet pussy. He rubbed his finger up and down her slit as she moaned and wiggled against him. He pinched her nipple as he started to squeeze and flick her hard little clit, making her wetter and making his hardening cock throb. “Hoho sweetie, you better sit on Santa’s candy cane so he can fill you up with holiday cheer.”

Santa grabbed Suzy by the waist and lowered her onto his hard cock, still peeking out of his parted red coat. They both moaned as Santa’s dick slowly filled Suzy’s pussy until she was sitting all the way down on his lap, her tits bare and her skirt lifted up to show off her full little snatch. “Ohh fuck that’s good,” the Santa moaned and I cleared my throat and shot him a glare. “I mean … Hohoho that’s a good girl for Santa, you’re so wet and tight for him too.”

“Mmm Santa, it feels so good inside me.” Suzy moaned, starting to bounce up and down on his hard cock.

“Just you wait sweetie, Santa will make it feel real nice for you.” Santa fondled Suzy’s tits as she bounced in his lap, her wet pussy making squelching sounds. “Oohhh that’s it little girl, now let’s go a bit faster.” Santa quickly grabbed Suzy and stood up, bending Suzy over and taking her from behind. Santa grabbed Suzy’s pigtails and pulled her head back as he pounded her pussy hard, making her tits jiggle.

“Ohhh Santa! Yes, yes!” Suzy practically screamed as Santa’s cock pistoned in and out of her.

“That’s a good girl for Santa, cum on Santa’s fat candy cane and he’ll spray his holiday cheer inside you.” Santa groaned as he fucked my little girl, clearly sweating under his hat and fake beard.

“Ohhh ohhh Santa!” Suzy moaned out as she came hard on his cock, making him moan too as her pussy squeezed his thick cock.

“Ohh little girl!” Santa moaned, reaching down to cup Suzy’s breasts and pull her up into him, rapidly grinding his cock into her sweet pussy. “Oh hoho oh yes,” he moaned as his cock pumped cum into Suzy’s tight hole.

The Santa collapsed back into his chair, his spent cock leaking cum onto his costume and Suzy got back up on his knee. “Thank you Santa, I got my Christmas wish!” Suzy smiled into the camera then gave the Santa a kiss on the cheek.

I turned off the camera and my little girl came bounding over to me. “Did I do alright Daddy? Was that good?” Suzy questioned, desperately seeking my approval.

I gave her a long, deep kiss on the mouth, fondling one of her sweet tits, “it was perfect sweetheart. You made Daddy real proud. When we get home Daddy will give you a nice bath and we can watch our little movie together before Mommy gets home, alright?”

“Oh yes please Daddy, I want to see it so bad and I really need you fuck me Daddy. Santa was okay but only Daddy’s cock can make me really happy.”

“Ohh baby, you just made me the happiest Daddy in the world to hear you say that.” I pulled up her dress and fixed her pigtails for her, giving her another kiss before opening the door and leaving Santa still panting in his chair.

“Merry Christmas Santa!” Suzy chimed as we left.

“Merry Christmas you hot little slut.” I heard the Santa mumble as we left. I smiled to myself knowing that even though my little Suzy was happy to do whoever I asked her to, she would always be mine and only mine. My perfect little girl – a hot eighteen year old slut made just for her Daddy and now we had the perfect Christmas video to watch every year after. Merry Christmas to me!

Chapter 06

My hot little Suzy, the eighteen year old Daddy’s slut, was hanging around the backyard on a beautiful summer day next to our brand new pool. It wasn’t a huge pool, but it was a nice underground one with curves and seats in some of the shallower parts. It was perfect timing too, as this summer was proving to be a scorcher.

Suzy was lying on a lounge chair in a tiny pink bikini, the kind that was mostly string with triangles covering her nipples and pussy, and enough fabric to cover her ass crack, but not much more. Her blond hair was up in a ponytail, and her eyes were closed against the bright sun.

I had come home from work mid-afternoon after a rather boring meeting, and put on my swim trunks to join my sexy baby girl in the sun. As I walked out the back door I realised that she might be asleep, as she didn’t stir when the door snapped shut. I smirked to myself and looked around to see that none of the neighbors were in their yards at the time, then walked quietly over to her. I straddled her chair, my hips about level with her face, and lowered my trunks, letting my hardening cock out into the sun.

I stroked myself a few times, the sight of her tight, young body helping my hard on grow. I eased the tip of my cock up against her plump, pink lips, stroking it back and forth against them as it grew harder. “Wakey, wakey sweetheart” I whispered, and her eyelids fluttered open.

“Mmm hi Daddy” she purred, stretching a little before reaching for my hard cock with both hands. She stroked my dick as she started to lick and suck at the tip. I leaned forward to grip the back of the lounge chair and get a better angle on my baby girl’s sweet mouth.

“Oh sweetie, you know you shouldn’t fall asleep in the sun. It’s bad for your skin. Don’t worry though; Daddy will give you some nice cream to keep your skin smooth and soft. Now, take Daddy’s dick baby.” With that I started to thrust my hips back and forth, my cock sliding in and almost out of my girl’s wet mouth, her tongue rubbing up against the underside of my dick, and her cheeks concave from sucking.

“Mmm good girl” I moaned. “Spread your legs for Daddy and rub that sweet pussy, pumpkin.” She did as she was told as I continued to fuck her mouth. I glanced back to see her small hand pull her bathing suit aside to reveal her shaved pussy and little nub of a clit. She rubbed her clit between two fingers, pinching it slightly as she wiggled her hips a little.

I turned my attention back to her face, watching her expertly suck my cock as she made muffled moans of pleasure. “Mmm that’s it baby, just a little more.” I thrust my cock deep in her throat, feeling her gag just a little before pulling it back out and thrusting it forward again. I did this a few times before pulling my thick cock out of her mouth to squat down over her stomach, grabbing her perky tits in their tiny bathing suit, and stuffing my cock up between them.

The pink string between the two triangles of her top strained against the top of my dick, but it held Suzy’s sweet tits tightly around my dick as I pushed it between them. Suzy brought her hands up to jerk me off with her soft round breasts. Her chest was warm from the sun and her tits felt amazing on my rock hard dick.

Suzy grinned as she bounced her tits up and down, masturbating me fast and hard. “That’s it, oh that’s it Suzy here it comes” I groaned as ropes of cum splashed out all over her tits. “Oooh baby girl” I moaned as she milked the cum from me.

Suzy giggled as I pulled my cock out from between her breasts and tugged my trunks back up. She playfully rubbed my cum into her tits, shoving her bathing suit under them to make her hard nipples shine with my seed. “Mmm you are such a slut for Daddy” I said as I smiled down at her, “now, why don’t we get in the pool?”

“Okay Daddy” Suzy said as I moved away from the chair and dove into the pool. Suzy followed, but eased herself into the water, her bikini top still pulled underneath her perky tits and a wet spot on her pink bottoms. I sat down on one of the benches with the water at about chest height and watched her slip slowly into the pool. Once she was in she swam over and took a seat next to me.

I put my arm under the water and around her waist and pulled her up into my lap, her legs spread on either side of mine and her nipples just barely above the water. I nuzzled my face into her neck, kissing and nibbling at her sun warmed skin as I reached around to grab her firm tits. I pinched and rubbed her slick, wet nipples as she squirmed in my lap.

“Do you like our new pool baby girl?” I asked as I moved one hand down into her tiny bathing suit bottoms, stroking her clit as my other hand stayed on her exposed breast.

“Ohh yes Daddy, I like it very much, but don’t you worry about all the neighbors that can see into our backyard?” She asked, still wiggling under my hands.

I plunged a finger into her tight pussy, making her moan. “I don’t know sweetie. Don’t you like them looking at your tight little body? Your perky tits, stiff nipples, and your round ass in this tiny bikini?” I started to work my finger faster in her tight hole, pinching her one nipple hard. “Maybe they’re all peeking at you from behind their fences, stroking their cocks as they watch you swim or lay in the sun — waiting for you to spread your legs a little to get a glimpse of your puffy pussy lips in your tight bikini or maybe for you to take your top off to get the sun on your bare tits.”

I finger fucked her faster and harder as I whispered in her ear, her eyes closed and her hips grinding against my hand. “Wouldn’t you like that baby? All those men jerking off in their backyards because of your slutty body? Their fat red cocks in their hands as they pretend to weed the flower beds, while watching you through cracks and holes in their fence, grunting as they cum all over their wives azaleas.”

“Oohh Daddy” Suzy moaned, her pussy clenching around my finger as she came.

“Mmm see baby, It’s not a problem. I know you like it, and I know that Daddy’s cock is the only one that can ever really satisfy you.” I slid my finger out of her pussy and went back to rubbing her stiff clit, my hard cock now making a tent of my swimsuit between our legs.

“Okay Daddy, but what if they want more than just looking at me?” I took one of her hands and placed it on my swimsuit covered cock. She started to stroke it and grind it into her snatch.

“Well baby, you can give it to them if you want, especially if Daddy is watching from inside the house, or if you film it for Daddy to watch later. Mmm in fact, pumpkin, I think it’s a great idea.” I reached under the water to slide my trunks down, releasing my raging hard on into the cool water of the pool, then slid Suzy’s suit to the side. She raised herself obligingly and put her knees up on the bench to straddle me better before lowering herself on my hard cock.

“Mmm yes baby girl” I moaned when my hard on entered her hot pussy, an intense change from the water. I reached around to fondle her tits as she started to bounce on my cock, making the water splash around us.

“You could get the neighbors to stick their hard cocks through holes in the fence for you to suck. Ooh sweetie, yes. Ride Daddy’s cock while you think about all our neighbors cocks sticking out of the fence for you to suck all day long.”

“Mmm Daddy” Suzy moaned, grinding herself on my cock as I spread my arms back along the edge of the pool, letting her do the work and watching her sweet ass move under the water. “I’ll suck all the cocks you want as long as I can get Daddy’s dick inside me every day.”

“Daddy spoils you letting you have everything you want, but, if it’s Daddy’s cock you need, I’ll give it to you anytime pumpkin.” Suzy moaned and I grabbed her hips, flipping her over to kneel on the bench, her elbows and bare tits resting on the side of the pool. I slammed my cock back inside her from behind, making the water slosh over the edge of the pool, leaving Suzy’s tits in a puddle.

“Oooh Daddy!” Suzy groaned as I pumped in and out of her pussy, bending over her, my hands on the edge of the pool to drive my cock in deep. “Yes Daddy! Fuck me nice and deep, it feels so good!”

I continued to fuck her sweet, tight pussy, driving the water and Suzy into a frenzy. “Mmm yes baby, cum on Daddy’s cock, that’s it give it to Daddy.” Suzy moaned loudly as she came, her pussy clenching down on my cock bringing me to my own orgasm. “Oh fuck baby!” I groaned as I shot my cum deep inside her, underneath the cool water of the pool. I gave her a few more strokes, letting my cock slowly shrink inside her.

Daddy, you’re the best” Suzy sighed with pleasure as I pulled out of her and she started to adjust her swimsuit.

“Mmm so are you sweetie” I said as I gave her a deep kiss on the mouth. I didn’t tell Suzy, but I could have sworn I heard a grunt from behind the fence in front of us, followed by a dull splash, but Suzy would have to find out about that another day. I thought to myself that our new pool was going to be a popular place that summer.

Chapter 07

It had only been a few days since my last encounter with my hot eighteen year old daughter Suzy, and I was struggling to keep the picture of her in that tiny pink bikini out of my head. The summer heat wasn’t helping, and even with the air conditioning blasting, my office was often stifling.

When I got home from work one afternoon, I found a note from my hag of a wife letting me know that she wouldn’t be home until very late, if at all. “Bingo!” I thought and raced upstairs to put on my swim trunks and grab the digital camera.

When I got to the backyard Suzy was already paddling around in the pool, her hair slicked back and wet, and her skin glistening in the sun. “Hi Daddy!” she called out when she saw me, and in response I put the camera down on a chair and leapt into the deep end. I could hear Suzy shrieking a little as I splashed her, and I came up out of the water laughing.

I pulled my supple little girl tight into my body and kissed her hard on the mouth. “Hi babygirl, how was your day.”

“Mmm good Daddy, but I was bored waiting for you to get home.”

“Oh really?” I teased, taking in her firm body, stiff nipples poking through her thin pink bikini top before reaching under the water to grasp her round, barely covered ass and lifting her up to straddle me. I ground my stiffening cock against her and kissed her again as she wrapped her legs around me.

“Yes Daddy, I was so bored.” She replied.

“Well, let’s fix that then. I want to take some pictures of you baby, because you are so damn sexy in this little bikini.”

“Aww but Daddy, I want you right now.” Suzy pouted, grinding her pussy into me, trying to get me harder.

“Mmm if you are a very good girl for Daddy, you will get it soon enough.” I said, letting her go and getting out of the pool. I towelled myself off a bit and grabbed the camera, getting Suzy to come to the edge of the pool and pose for me. I had her put her tits up on the edge, straining against the string of her bikini and glistening from the water. “Oooh that’s nice sweetie, now pull your top down for Daddy.” Suzy grinned and did as she was told, pulling the pink triangles down underneath her sweet tits, letting me see her hard pink nipples.

I snapped happily away for a while, before getting Suzy to come out of the pool and pose on a lounge chair. I had her stay wet and leave her tits exposed for me as I took more pictures. “Mmm yes, baby, you are so damn sexy for Daddy.” I moaned as Suzy spread her legs for me, her puffy pussy lips visible through her tight, tiny bikini. “Pull those aside for me pumpkin, let Daddy see your sweet pussy.” Suzy reached down to pull the fabric aside, her snatch looked slick and wet not just from the pool.

I took a few more photos before setting the camera aside and getting back in the pool. “Come sit on the edge here sweetie.” I smiled at my baby girl and she came over to me, dangling her legs into the water. I grabbed her knees and pushed them apart, reached forward and grabbed her ass, pulling her right to the edge, her pussy level with my face.

Suzy leaned back, getting some sun on her exposed tits, and let out a low moan as my tongue made contact with her clit. She tasted like chlorine at first, but her sweet juices quickly took over as I sucked and lapped at her slit. I worked my tongue into her hole, and reached up to fondle her warm tits, pinching her nipples.

“Ohh Daddy.” She moaned, arching her back as I sucked on her clit, flicking my tongue against it. I worked my tongue against her faster, sucking her hard little clit and lapping up and down her slit. She was breathing hard and then suddenly tensed up, moaning as her juices leaked out of her convulsing pussy. “Mmm Daddy that felt good” Suzy sighed.

“That’s good sweetie” I replied, “Now, why don’t you swim some more or lay in the sun, Daddy has something to do.

“Aww Daddy!” Suzy protested, but I gave her a glare and she just pouted at me instead as I got out of the pool.

I dried off, grabbed the camera and headed to the computer where I printed off a few choice snapshots for myself and put them in my briefcase. I then dug out our neighbourhood watch email list, and using a throwaway account, sent emails with the subject line “Backyard Slut” to the men on the list I thought would be interested. The subject line was spammy enough that any wives were sure to junk the email, but maybe their husbands would be curious enough to open it to find a picture of my little girl all wet and spread in the backyard along with the times that she was usually home (and my wife wasn’t).

I sent off the email and went down to the living room, pulling a chair up to the double doors leading out to the back to have a good view of the whole yard, my bikini-clad girl included. She was lying on the lounge chair again, getting some sun.

It was only a few minutes before a head popped over the fence on one side of the yard, and one of our neighbours was trying to get Suzy’s attention. She got a curious look on her face and went over to the fence. I couldn’t hear them but I could imagine the conversation went something like this:

Neighbour: I got your picture. Suzy: My picture? Neighbour: Yeah, you know, you in that bikini on that chair over there. I got it in an email. Suzy: Oh, well, umm … just a minute.

At this point Suzy scampered over to the door and slipped inside.

“Daddy, did you send out my picture?” She asked, looking a little panicked.

“Yes, baby, I thought you would like to have a little fun while Daddy is at work all day. There are lots of men close to home who don’t work every day in the summer. Just remember, either Daddy has to be here to watch, or you have to record it, okay baby?”

Suzy blushed a little as she thought about how she could keep herself occupied all day long. “Are you sure, Daddy?”

“Of course, babygirl, I know that only Daddy’s cock can really satisfy you, so you go have some fun while I watch.” Suzy smiled and bent down to give me a long kiss on the mouth before running back outside.

I grabbed my nearby “bird-watching” binoculars and settled in to watch the show. Suzy and the neighbour had a quick little chat over the fence before they both moved to a new spot a little ways up the yard. I realised why when Suzy got down on her knees in the grass and I saw the neighbour stick his fat cock through a sizeable hole in the fence.

Suzy got to work sucking and stroking his cock through the hole, his chubby fingers gripping the top of the fence. Suzy put her hands up flat on the fence, taking his cock deep in her throat, her head bobbing back and forth.

I was so consumed watching Suzy suck our neighbour’s cock that I almost didn’t notice a second neighbour come in through the side gate. Suzy noticed him though and stood up to greet him. He immediately pulled her bikini top down, fondling her sweet tits, pinching her nipples and burying her face in her chest. I could see her cheeks flush with pleasure.

The first neighbour must have made some protest because Suzy pulled down her bathing suit bottoms and backed her ass up against the hole in the fence. I could see Suzy moan as the neighbours cock entered her pussy from behind the fence and the second neighbour continued to grope her tits. The wood strained and jiggled as the neighbour started humping my little girl through the fence.

The second neighbour undid his fly and started stroking his cock in front of Suzy and she took the hint. She licked all up and down his length, gently suckling his balls as he beat himself off slowly. She popped the head in her mouth and started to suck as she rocked back and forth, one cock pistoning in and out of her tight pussy, the other in her mouth. My little girl’s eyes were closed in bliss as the first neighbour pulled out of her hot snatch, spraying his cum over her bare ass, and undoubtedly all down the fence on his side.

I saw the first neighbours hands disappear from the fence and Suzy dropped to her knees in front of the second neighbour, paying her full attention to his hard dick. He put his hands behind his head, clearly enjoying her mouth. Suzy paused in her work as they had an exchange of words before she lay down on the grass on her back and he straddled her stomach.

The neighbour thrust his cock up underneath the string of her bikini, between her sweet tits, as he reached down to push and rub them against his dick. He thumbed her nipples, as he thrust back and forth, using her tits as he pleased and it didn’t take long for him to throw his head back and shoot a thick stream of cum over her ample breasts.

After Suzy had seen him off, she did a quick lap of the pool, no doubt rinsing the semen off herself before coming in to the house.

She straddled my lap and gave me a big kiss on the mouth. “Did you like that baby?” I asked, and she nodded in response, blushing and biting her lip a little bit. Her top was still pulled down so I bent forward to suck and lick her erect nipples as she squirmed against my raging hardon.

She took matters into her own hands, ripping apart the Velcro fly of my bathing suit and pulling out my stiff and aching cock. She stroked me with both hands as I reached around to fondle her ass, pulling her bathing suit bottoms to the side before lifting her up and letting her settle herself down on my cock.

“Ohh Daddy!” She moaned as I entered her dripping wet pussy.

“Mmm that’s it pumpkin. Daddy is so hard for you right now; he loved watching you be a little slut with our neighbours. Do you think you will have enough cocks to keep you occupied now?”

“Ohh yes Daddy.” She replied, bouncing up and down on my stiff cock, making her tits jiggle in my face.

“Whose slut are you baby?” I groaned, thrusting up into her hot, tight snatch, meeting her downward thrusts.

“Yours Daddy! I’m Daddy’s slut!” She practically screamed as I felt her pussy clamp down around me, practically milking the cum out of me as she orgasmed. I moaned and dug my fingers into her ass cheeks, spurting streams of cum up into her hole.

We were both breathing hard and I kissed her on the mouth, my cock starting to shrink inside her. “And don’t you forget it baby girl” I whispered in her ear and she grinned down at me, clearly satisfied.