Everyone Should Have a Step-Daughter

I got married a few years ago. It was to a woman from my job. It seemed like a decent idea at the time but lately we just don’t get along. I would have left her, actually I considered it until I learned something she has and I want… her daughter.

Her daughter was 16 when we got married, and not at all in the mood for some stranger to be giving her orders. Her mom tried to make the best of it, and although I really didn’t care much if the little brat liked me, mom tried anyway. She even forced the girl to refer to me as her dad. Talk about a nut job I married.

“Our” daughter now has just turned 19. Through these 3 years we got on some slightly better terms and as her mother withered and aged she blossomed from a pouty little teen to a gorgeous young woman. Long red hair and striking green eyes illuminate her beautiful face while her body is enough to drive any man mad. She is slightly tall, slender, but with beautiful rounded hips and a tight little ass. Her large breasts are a little much for her frame but give her a tight fitting low cut top and try not to drool. She really is a piece of work.

All that aside, the story really starts right here. A few nights ago I couldn’t sleep so I went down to the kitchen for a drink of water. On my way back to bed I walked past Karen’s room. I heard a soft moan in the dark and figured she was just having a pleasant dream. I stood at the door for a moment, just listening to her breathing… you know, doing the fatherly thing and making sure she was ok.

Then, all of a sudden, I heard an odd slurping sound from inside her room, a sucking noise really. Suspecting she had a boy in her room and was doing inappropriate things, I burst in her room fully ready to throw the creep out. But the room was empty aside from her body curled up on top of her blankets on her bed. I walked closer to make sure she was asleep when I noticed something very odd. She was sucking on her thumb. I did a double take, doubting what I saw, but it was real. My little 19 year old was sucking on her thumb like a little baby.

The thought of it made me want to giggle though parts of me were thinking differently. In an instant my cock stood to full attention. n The sight of her laying there, so innocent, just made me go wild. I started to rub my cock through the boxershorts I had worn to bed and let my mind wander to about every dirty thought a man could come up with.

I kept watching her mouth suck on her thumb. Watched her lips tighten around it, her cheeks tense as she applied suction, even the occasional impulse of her to lick the side of her hand as her saliva started to drip down.

I began to wonder. What if I pulled her finger out of her mouth. Could I replace it with something else quick enough for her pattern to stay intact. Say I replaced her thumb with one of my fingers, or even my cock.

This late at night most anything sounded like a good idea, and more-over the thought of getting caught really just didn’t enter my mind. Everything aside, I decided to try.

I pulled my cock out of my shorts and positioned it near Karen’s face. I softly touched her hand and gripped at it, preparing to try to guide her thumb from her mouth and then guide my cock in. I gently tugged on her hand, gently pulling her thumb more and more from her lips. Bit by bit it pulled out until I could already see her polished fingernail. I positioned my cock right near her lips, so I could easily move from one appendage in her mouth, to another. Finally, I pulled her thumb free of her lips and offered my cock to her by gently rubbing it at her lips.

She slowly opened her mouth, a little at first but more and more as I pushed my cock in past her teeth. She spread her jaw to accommodate my large cock. She sucked on it gently as I rocked my hips back and forth, each stroke I fucked my little girls throat deeper and deeper.

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Within a few minutes I knew I was getting ready to cum, but I didn’t want to cum yet. I pulled my cock back out from between her lips and sat on the edge of her bed. She laid on her back and for the first moment I noticed that all she had on was her string bikini she went swimming in earlier and a sheer white tank over it. That kept my cock going.

I started running my fingers down her legs and with each touch she little by little began to spread her legs apart for me. I needed to fuck this girl, I just needed to.

Not wasting one more second I pulled her knees apart and climbed in between them. I reached for the sides of her bikini which luckily just tied on. One side then the next. I slowly pulled down the fabric that was covering her cunt and saw it bare, before me for the first time since I’d married her mother.

There it was, beautiful before me, neatly trimmed and so young and pink. I reached my hand out and brushed it against her swollen pussy. She was so hot, and soaking wet… just for me.

I teased her little slit with the head of my cock. She moaned in her sleep. I couldn’t take anymore. If I didn’t fuck her soon I might loose my nerve, and the way things were going my load as well.

I grabbed my cock in my right hand and slowly inched the head of my cock into her tight little cunt. Once the head was in I looked up at her restful face, still asleep and about to be torn into consciousness as my cock was about to tear through her little cunt.

I took a deep breath and slammed my cock into her cunt. Her eyes flew open and I covered her mouth with my hand to avoid her from screaming. She looked afraid, and panicked, and confused.

I continued to pump away at her cunt while she gathered to make out what was going on. I leaned down close to her ear and whispered “Do you like that baby? Do you like your daddy fucking you?”

Her eyes grew wide and she shook her head no, but I could feel the muscles in her neck begging to nod yes.

“What a little slut my step-daughter is,” I whispered in her ear. “She spread her legs for her daddy. What a little slut. All daddy had to do was touch you and you were just begging me to fuck you, huh?”

She began to moan uncontrollably. I removed my hand from her mouth and asked her again, “Do you like daddy fucking you baby?”

“yeeesssss,” she managed to mumble out between moans.

I fucked her little tight cunt furiously as I spoke to her again, “you’re my little slut now you understand. Now that I’m your new daddy you are going to be my little whore. You are going to spread your legs for daddy whenever he wants aren’t you baby?”

“YeeeessssssS” was her reply again.

I felt her body beginning to buck and I knew she was close to cumming. The closer she got the tighter she squeezed my cock until at last it felt like she was sucking me up from inside her.

“Oh yes baby, fuck daddy like a good girl, oh yes!”

“Harder daddy, fuck me harder!” Karen replied.

I started to pump my baby harder and faster than ever.

“Like that baby, you like daddy fucking you hard like that?”

“Yes daddy, more! more! I’m coming daddy”

“Me too baby girl. cum for daddy. Oh baby… Oh Karen…. Yes baby girl, make daddy cum.”

“yes daddy. Cum with me daddy. Oh more, oh daddy yes, fuck me, more more more”

“I’m cumming baby doll”

“Me too daddy…. AAAAAHHHHH”

The two of us came together. I collapsed on my daughter until I caught my breath. I stood up, put my dick back in my boxers and kissed my daughter on the head.

“Remember what I said young lady,” I reprimanded. “What are you baby girl?”

“I’m your whore daddy,” Karen replied. “I am my daddy’s little whore.”