Katie’s Massage

Katie and I had met as childhood sweethearts when we were both only 14 years of age. We have been a couple ever since, married at 20, and about to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Our marriage was as perfect as you could get. If you were to believe in soul mates then that’s certainly what we were. We were, most importantly, best friends.

Our sex life was great, Katie was always a bit conservative, but there wasn’t much we hadn’t done over the years. Katie had never been with another man, and despite some minor role-playing games, had never expressed a clear desire to do so. We are both into sensual massage, and the only thing she had even hinted at was the possibility of having a nude massage by a well-proportioned male. When I had pushed the idea however, her conservatism came through. It seemed she was happier, or perhaps more comfortable, keeping the idea in role-play.

Having said that she was a sucker for a good therapeutic massage. On a regular basis she would get a body massage and preferred to have a male perform the massage. She said this was because they had stronger hands, and there was always a risk of getting a soft wimpy massage if the therapist was female. She had long gotten use to the idea of lying naked, partially covered by towels, under the hands of a male masseur. By giving her a massage at home, and simulating what would be happening at the various stages of a therapeutic massage, she was a little surprised at just how much of her body was on display. However, she was also quite clearly turned on by this small display of “safe” exhibitionism. She would then try to tease me by asking, while I was giving her a massage, if I liked the idea of some other man copping a view between her legs. My hard on probably told her well enough that I didn’t mind. I would then turn the tables by asking if she would mind if he did “this”, as I “accidentally” brush my hands against her outer lips. The more we played this game the more adventurous she would get before that ingrained “conservatism” would take over. Universally though, at some point, she would beg for penetration and a thorough fucking. She just couldn’t continue the role-playing to that extent.

With our anniversary coming up I decided to do something special. I was unfortunately going to be out of town for some business meetings, but used this as an excuse to take Katie with me, for a couple of days at our favourite hotel. We would often do these things on the spur of the moment, taking in a good restaurant, and always having a couple of days of good sex. This particular Hilton was our favourite for a number of reasons. Firstly the rooms are huge, with massive king sized beds, wonderful views, and the best bathrooms I’ve ever seen in a hotel. The baths are huge and invite a long soak both before and after an extended session of sex.

Secondly they still have adjoining rooms, and while we usually travel alone, we sometimes go away with friends, and it’s always nice to have the connecting doors. On this occasion it was going to serve a different purpose.

Thirdly, it was one of the few hotels that when a woman rang and booked a massage and requested a male masseur, they would actually try to provide one. I suspected that most hotels were worried about the consequences of a complaint from a woman being massaged by a male and hence actively “failed” to fulfil the request.

Katie liked the idea. The trip was a week away, which gave me plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements. Essentially the plan was for Katie to make as many of the arrangements as possible so as to allay any suspicions. This meant I needed her to book both the accommodation and her massage.

The next part of my plan involved replacing the hotel masseur. Here Google came in handy. Typing in “massage”, “male”, and “escort” produced a huge list of services. Unfortunately most of these were directed at the gay community, but by screening through and only selecting those who saw female clients only, I was able to narrow it down to a manageable number. Next I selected only those who provided photos or would send them over the net. This still left more than 50 “applicants”, so next I selected only those who stated that they had massage experience. I realised that the whole session may go no further than a simple massage so there had to be some degree of expertise to ensure it wasn’t a complete dud of a session. Also I didn’t want it being so bad that a complaint to the hotel management would be made!

I then sent an email detailing my request to about a dozen sites, some of them agencies, some of them independents. The agency replies were all pretty standard and it seemed like they had a pre-prepared response, which was to be expected I suppose as they probably get a lot of junk emails to contend with. The independents fell into two groups. Firstly, and easily discarded were the ones obviously just out for a free root. Their services were either free, or some nominal fee, indicating they weren’t the professional service I was after. The second group gave much more thought to their responses, and one stood out a mile on almost all fronts.

Joel’s reply began with the words, “Thankyou for considering me for this service….”. He went on to describe himself in more detail than his web site gave. He was an amateur athlete, having completed at national level, who was currently putting himself through college. Cycling was his sport, and obviously he kept himself in very good physical shape. To help cover his costs he did both therapeutic and sensual massage. Discretion was important to him and he guaranteed it for his customers. His fee was $200 per session, whether it lasted 15 minutes or 2 hours. This was unusual I thought, but impressed me as indicating he had a certain pride in his work, seeing each session as job to be completed rather than something to watch the clock by.

Further confirming a professional attitude, Joel also asked questions which he wanted answered before continuing further. In particular he wanted to know two things. One was what was to happen should Katie take offence? He would require either a note signed by myself, or my mobile phone number he could ring at the time of any trouble. He also wanted to know how far I was prepared to let this encounter go. He accepted that in this instance I was the “paying” customer, and therefore could place limits as I wished. He also reassuringly stated that he would also go no further than Katie wished to go. He would need signs from her to precede each step beyond a simple, sensual, but non-sexual, massage. He asked me to consider this carefully, as he accepted that both Katie and I would be his customers who needed to leave satisfied. He warned me he was extremely good at what he did and I should consider that she might wish to proceed further than I anticipate. This started me wondering just how far I wanted it to go and also how far I thought Katie would let it go. She certainly gets pretty wild once she’s turned on, but I couldn’t imagine her letting it get too far out of control. I thought she may allow a bit of touching of her labia and clitoris as long as it was discreet, and possibly some pressure or gentle insertion of a finger just inside her vagina. I was fairly confident she would stop short of orgasming in front of a stranger, which was a little disappointing as Katie was well and truly multi-orgasmic and if she really was being turned on by the experience it would be good to see her take full advantage. This combined with the hard on I had just thinking about what I was arranging for Katie convinced me to reply that I would leave matters entirely up to Katie and him. It felt strange that I was beginning to trust someone who was a complete stranger with my wife.

The final factor that confirmed to me that this was the best choice was his physical appearance. He was clean cut, good looking, and being a cyclist he obviously had a pretty good physique. I’m no slob myself, but this guy certainly left me for dead. His body fat level must have been close to zero, and he was very well muscled, not in a distorted “body builder” way, more of a “built for speed fashion”. Add to that the fact that he was black and I at least knew that Katie was not going to be disappointed in the visual department. Looking at the photos on his web site, and those additional, slightly more risqué, ones sent in his email, I was beginning to understand why white women all seemed to have black man fantasies.

I emailed my response, and arranged dates and times. He requested half payment in advance, half after the event. As we usually bill massages directly to the room, I thought it simpler just to pay the whole fee in advance. After all it was only $200. I had a convention to attend on the Friday, and told Katie I also had meetings to attend on Saturday. I suggested she join me on the Saturday, which happened to be our anniversary. She had to work on the Friday so this plan suited her. I told her I had two meetings that day, the first between 10am and 11:30, the second from 2pm till 4pm. I suggested she might wish to go shopping in the morning, and have a massage in the afternoon, perhaps joining me for lunch in between. I suggested she book early so as to be sure to get a male masseur. She came back a few minutes later to say it was all arranged but that the massage would have to be in the room as they are renovating the health club. This meant a portable massage table would be bought to the room, which Katie had had before, and while it wasn’t her preference, it made my plans much simpler. My plans were coming together…

The remainder of the week seemed to pass excruciatingly slowly. I was horny all week and we had sex every day. This only serves to make Katie more randy. Things really were coming together! I also made sure that we got to the gym and had a hard work out each day. There’s nothing better than a good massage after a few days of solid workout, and I wanted Katie to be in the mood for a thorough massage.

Friday morning came and off I set. I checked in and made arrangements that would be necessary for the completion of my, and hopefully Katie’s, fantasy. I told reception that not only would my wife be joining me tomorrow but that good friends would also like a room, and could we have an adjoining room that had a connection doorway. The night’s stay was to be a gift to the other couple, so I would pay for the room, and pick the key up in the morning before I pick them up from the airport. There were no problems so I set off to my convention. The conference was on surveillance and monitoring. I part owned a small to medium security firm, and attending these conferences was important in order to keep up with any advances, and usually to meet with suppliers to arrange orders. This was a smaller conference and contrary to what I’d told Katie, there were no meetings scheduled for the next day. I must say that it was a waste of time attending as I was completely distracted by thoughts of the following day.

Having picked Katie up and taken her back to the hotel, I made my exit for my first meeting. As planned Katie was to go shopping so we walked the first couple of blocks together. I left her in an area that contains her favourite lingerie shops, walked on a block further, then doubled back to the hotel. I usually enjoy going lingerie shopping with Katie, let’s face it, they usually have the horniest sales assistants, but today I had more important things to arrange.

Back at the hotel I picked up the key to the other room and unpacked my “work case”. This contained two small surveillance cameras, appropriate lengths of wiring and portable video recording devices. There was also a connection that I could plug into the hotel TV and a controller to switch between the two. The first camera I set up in a bookshelf to the side of the king-sized bed, which was also the shared wall between the rooms. This gave me a slight angle from above and also a view across the other side of the room to the mirror on the opposite wall. The door to the room entered through the wall perpendicular to the far wall, which was the wall the head of the bed was against. Camera 2 I placed under the top of a table situated at the foot of the bed. This gave me a clear view from the foot of the bed, just slightly above the height of the bed. The wires I ran back under the connecting door to my second room set up. Checking the angles on the TV I realised that the only area I couldn’t get a good view of was the bathroom. There was a partial view through the door, and a little more due to the heavy use of mirrors, which I thought was adequate, as I didn’t expect much action to be taking place in the bathroom. Basically I was pretty happy with my work, then again as this was my profession I should be able to get a simple job like this right.

For anyone contemplating a similar set up, sure my equipment would be of higher quality than the average person could get hold of, but for as little as a couple of hundred dollars, a more than adequate system is available at most electronic stores capable of good quality, low lux recordings. It may be thought of as a betrayal of trust filming my wife like this, but Katie was use to me doing this and got off on watching the videos later. Also I had to remember that although Joel sounded very professional, I still felt it safer to have a little control.

A few minutes later Katie returned carrying a few shopping bags. It was a little early for me to “return” so I watched for a while. Knowing that in a few hours time I may be watching something quite different started a stirring in the loins. Katie took out the items she’d bought and placed them on the bed. She then proceeded to undress, obviously to try on her purchases. It was obvious that she had been busy in the couple of hours she’d been out. Standing naked in front of the mirror she slowly ran her hand down her belly and over her newly waxed pubic region. She knows I like this look and had obviously done it for our anniversary. Even allowing for my potential bias, she really does have a great body. Standing 5 feet 7 inches tall, with beautiful olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes, anyone would be pleased to have the opportunity to give her a massage. Her abdominal muscles stood out in the oblique light and her C cup breasts had to date defied gravity. Even though she was now mid-30’s her physique would put most women 10 years younger than her to shame. Seeing her standing there now cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples made me want to rush in there and fuck her brains out. I suspected if I waited a few minutes longer I may be treated to a masturbation show, but unfortunately we had a timetable to stick to.

I left my (second) room and inserted my entry card into the lock of our room. As I entered Katie was hurriedly putting on her underwear, with her back to me, obviously wanting to leave her little waxing surprise till later. “How was the meeting?” she asked. “O.K.” I replied, “I’m hoping this afternoon’s will be more interesting. Spend much? “

“You didn’t give me time!” she replied.

As planned we headed out for a quick lunch at the hotel bistro. Although we didn’t have much time I ordered a bottle of Moet champagne. It doesn’t take much to get Katie pissed and there’s absolutely no doubt that the best way to get her to lose he inhibitions is to give her a few glasses of French champagne. This was, after all, our fifteenth wedding anniversary, so why shouldn’t we spoil ourselves. Having pushed a few glasses through Katie and with time marching on I suggested we head back to the room so that she could get ready for her massage and I could get my last meeting over and done with. Katie, already starting to flush from the effects of the alcohol, suggested I cancel both my meeting and her massage, and we finish off the champagne in the spa back at the room. Clearly the champagne was having the desired effect! I declined the invitation, but took the remainder of the champagne back to the room with us, and poured another glass for Katie in the room. Katie began to undress for a shower before her massage, and in her slightly disinhibited state, and while holding both hands over her crutch, rubbing back and forth, teasingly said, “I hope they send a hunky man for my massage’. Knowing that this was indeed the case, and picking up on her obvious innuendo, I casually said that that was fine as long as she wasn’t worn out by the time I got back. With a giggle and a glass of champagne she stumbled off to the bathroom, and I made to leave for my meeting.

By the time she emerged from the bathroom, wearing a white luxurious hotel bathrobe, it was five minutes to two, and I was well ensconced in my control (or lack of control) room next door. Katie finished the last few sips of her wine and admired her wax job in the mirror until there was a quiet knock at the door.

Answering the door I heard Katie say “Hi” followed be a slightly muffled reply, “hello, I’m Joel, I’m here to give you your massage”

“Sure, come on in”, replied Katie, doing her best to sound sober, but failing miserably. Joel moved into the room and in one smooth movement took the Do Not Disturb sign off the inside door knob, and placed it on the outside. I felt a wave of nervous anticipation wash over me, and was aware of my cock being already semi erect. “I’m very sorry”, said Joel, but as the leisure centre is being renovated and there are a limited number of portable massage tables, I have to ask if you feel comfortable using the bed for today’s treatment? If you prefer we can wait till 3:15 when one will be available.” As we had planned Katie was quite comfortable with this arrangement, as it would otherwise have meant he massage would not have been completed before I returned. “Great”, said Joel, and proceeded to unpack the bag he was carrying, laying out a couple of large towels on the bed. While he was doing this I was able to observe Katie clearly checking out her masseur. His physical presence was impressive. Whilst dressed only in an oversized tracksuit it was clear that he was very well built. His head was completely shaven, and he stood probably 6 feet three inches tall with wide muscular shoulders. His web photos were clearly not fakes. Joel suggested Katie make herself comfortable while he freshened up. He said he had ridden here on his bike and hadn’t had time to shower, so if it were O.K. with her he would have a quick rinse before starting. He asked her to lie on her stomach and handed her a towel to place over herself.

A few minutes later Joel returned to the room, wearing a loose fitting Larker’s basketball top and a pair of tight fitting Lycra bike shorts. While he made some small talk and prepared his massage oils, I could see Katie, with her head turned away from me but facing the mirror directly opposite, continuing to check out her masseur. Joel took a small CD player out of his pack and turned on some relaxing “massage therapy” music. Joel then proceeded to explain his massage technique. He explained that the massage comprised two parts. The first would comprise a gentle and more superficial massage, with the second part involving deeper probing of the tissues. If at any time Katie felt the probing was too deep or if she was uncomfortable in any other way she should feel comfortable indicating this so that he could adjust his technique. Likewise if there was an area that she felt needed extra attention to please indicate this. Most important was for her to feel completely relaxed and he promised her it would be the most relaxing and at the same time invigorating massage she had ever experienced. Katie said this was fine and that she usually preferred a massage that was at least in part good and firm. Joel also explained that he used a number of different massage oils and that the first oil in particular may make her skin feel quite sensitive to touch. Things were about to get underway. I realised it may end in nothing more than a simple massage or may end who knows where. The nervous excitement I was feeling, mixed with a degree of apprehension, was almost unbearable. There was no turning back now.

Joel had placed Katie on the middle of the bed and positioned he so that her toes hung just over the end of the bed. This left plenty of room between Katie’s head and the head end of the bed. He then knelt beside her left side and pulled the towel down to expose her back as far as the upper third of her buttocks. Katie had turned her head to the right, away from Joel so that she was looking directly towards camera 1. I was a little worried she may see the camera but as it was slightly above her line of sight and well hidden in the shadows of the bookshelf it was pretty unlikely.

Joel began by squirting some massage oil over Katie’s exposed back and gently spreading it around. He then began what was obviously a professional standard massage. He began at her neck and slowly worked his way down her spine before concentrating on the shoulders and upper arms. He then took her arm, laid it in the cleft between his thighs, and continued to massage down her arms to her fingers. The whole time her hand rested no further up than the mid thigh. Next he moved to he other side repeating the process. Intermittently there was small talk but no lengthy conversations. Joel reiterated that the essences in this particular oil may make her skin very sensitive, and will only be used for the first part of the massage. Finishing with her left arm, Joel then sat on the towel astride her buttocks giving a firmer massage to the midline of her back, using his upper body weight for extra pressure. During this he asked if he was too heavy to which Katie replied, “No, it feels great.” Next he very lightly ran his fingers over all her exposed skin causing Katie to squirm and mutter “Now that feels good”.

“We’re just beginning,” replied Joel.

Joel then moved to the end of the bed but not before he folded the towel covering her buttocks and thighs in half from below. This seemed to be in preference to just lifting it up to cover her back again. The overall effect was to leave Katie more exposed but not excessively so. The next five minutes were spent on foot massage, something that Katie adores. Gradually things progressed up the calf then onto the thigh. Joel was running his thumbs up the middle of the back of the thighs, with the fingers wrapping round both the outside and inside of the thighs. Reaching the top of the thigh, and still being careful to avoid any overtly sexual contact, Joel took the towel, moving one edge into the cleft between the buttocks, thereby exposing the left buttock. Camera 2 showed that there was still no genital exposure, but as he massaged her, pushing her buttock muscles to the side, it was clear that glimpses of her labia were occurring. If Katie was finding any of this inappropriate she gave no sign. Before moving on to the other leg Joel again gave the light finger routine concentrating on the buttock and upper, inner thigh. Soft sighs and giggles said Katie was both enjoying this and feeling the effects of the champagne.

The second leg proceeded as for the first, only this time, as Joel moved up the thigh, rolling the muscles of the inner thigh outwards, Katie’s legs parted with the pressure, allowing greater access to the upper, inner thigh. As Joel’s hands reached the top of the leg Katie rotated her head to watch proceedings in the mirror. Subtly she lifted her pelvis as if to reposition from lying in the one spot all the time. When she rested back down, it was clear that her legs were now further apart, giving even greater access. With each pass of Joel’s hands up the thighs he moved closer and closer to her vulva.

“That’s very relaxing, Joel”, I heard her say, as the wave of skin moving in front of Joel’s hands brushed against the edge of the towel now barely covering her labia. Whether his hands actually applied any pressure to her vulva was not clear from my view, but it was clear that Katie was enjoying the sensuality of the massage. Somewhat surprisingly, as I thought he was on a winner tactic, Joel changed to the fingertip approach. Using both hands, he ran his fingers over the backs of the thigh, but one hand concentrated on the buttock, the fingers regularly slipping down the slope leading to the cleft between her cheeks. Almost imperceptibly as he did so Katie rotated her leg outwards, inviting deeper access. Again Joel resisted the temptation, either deliberately prolonging the tease or perhaps waiting for even more conformation that more intimate contact was allowed.

By this time my own cock was raging hard. I was rubbing it through my pants and could feel the cool wetness of a small amount of pre-cum leaking out onto the skin of my stomach. How much further was this going to go, I wondered. One thing was for certain; Joel was an expert at his trade.

Joel now replaced the towel so that it covered basically just the buttocks, then explained to Katie what to expect next. “We’re now going to expel the air from the lower portion of your lungs, that doesn’t normally get expelled. I want you to take a deep breath in, and when you feel the pressure, slowly breath out as completely as you can. We’ll repeat the process a few times.” With that he placed her legs together again, assumed a “push-up” position above Katie and slowly, but progressively, lowered himself down onto her so that his groin rested between the mid portions of her thighs. As he continued to lower himself his abdomen covered her buttocks and lower back and finally his chest engulfed her much more petite upper back. He lay there for a few seconds before reversing the process. After the second pass Katie looked restless. “Is everything Ok?” asked Joel. “It’s great,” replied Katie, “but the oil seems to have made my skin so sensitive that your top irritates it.”

“I’m sorry” said Joel, and immediately whipped of his top and continued the third press. Katie had not been watching him when he took of his top, but immediately opened her eyes when she felt the bare skin of Joel’s abdomen and chest press against her own naked flesh. “Are you comfortable with that?” enquired Joel, the double meaning making Katie’s “ah ha” reply as ambiguous as the question.

After one more body press Joel told Katie it was time to roll over, and that he would just be in the bathroom changing the oil while she got comfortable. Very “proper” I thought. Joel left and Katie rolled over repositioning the towel to cover her front. As she did so she ran a finger between her legs then lifted it to her face to inspect. She needn’t have done so as the trail of mucus was obvious. She wiped her hand on the towel, then pushed the towel between her legs to wipe away any more tell tale signs of her arousal. She was perhaps a little embarrassed that Joel would see her freely running cunt, particularly now that she was fully shaven. She positioned the towel to cover as much of her thighs as possible without exposing her breasts. The towel was obviously not long enough for both these purposes and as Joel walked back into the room Katie had the upper half of her breasts exposed, but at least the nipples covered, with the lower end of the towel little more than 6 inches below her crotch.

Joel moved to the head end of the bed, kneeling with legs either side of Katie’s head. She closed her eyes as he began gently massaging her face. Soon he swung around so that he was straddling her body and continued to massage her face and the back of her neck. “Do you usually have your chest massaged?” enquired Joel as he applied the fingertip approach to her face. “Sure,” came the reflex response, and before Katie could think about what she had just agreed to, Joel had moved the towel down to fully expose her breasts. Now Katie had had her breasts massaged before, but as far as I knew only by female masseuses. I’m sure she would have told me even if she’d been offered such a service from a male. As Joel reached for the oil Katie opened her eyes and looked up at the torso above her, quickly gaining her first good look at his semi-naked body. In what seemed to be a trend lately, Joel’s chest was completely smooth, and for that matter there didn’t seem to be any hair on his body at all. She glanced down and would have noticed his rippling six pack, Katie’s second most favourite part of a mans body to look at. Below that were only his low cut skin-tight licra shorts, containing a well-defined bulge. She closed her eyes again as Joel squirted some warm oil across both breasts and sat down straddling her groin. As his hands began so spread the oil over her right breast, any rigidity that had been lost from my cock was quickly regained as for the first time since I’d begun dating Katie another man was caressing her breasts. Initially Joel avoided the nipple concentrating on the fleshy part of her breast. Almost immediately Katie’s nipples stiffened, following which Joel included the areola in his ministrations, sliding the nipple between his fingers as his hands glided over her breast. Although there was no view of her crotch at this stage through camera 2, with Joel planted firmly on it, there was little doubt that things would likely be flowing pretty freely beneath the towel.

Joel now shifted to the left breast where the nipple was already well and truly erect. He traced circles of oil around the breast, this time running a trail directly across the nipple, causing an involuntary flinch from Katie. He again carefully kneaded the peripheral tissue before paying any attention to the nipple. When this breast had received the same attention the right had Joel placed one hand on each and continued his gentle but firm massaging. Now, Katie is quite naïve about these sorts of things, and can rarely tell when someone is flirting with her. She just thinks they’re being friendly and are very “tactile” people. Clearly she was enjoying her massage in a sensual fashion but I wondered whether she realised at this stage that things were preceding beyond the “strictly therapeutic” stage. Joel had now moved to the fingertip routine. Using a hand on each breast he was lightly running his fingers around the base of the breasts in constantly altering paths. The effect on Katie’s nipples was amazing; I’d never seen them so erect, they looked ready to explode! The motions then became more rhythmical. Joel placed his palms directly over her nipples, with his fingers spread widely. He then slowly lifted his hands so that his fingers contracted towards the nipple. On reaching the nipple his thumbs, index and middle fingers closed around the base of each and gently drew them out. When released, he repeated the process a few more times. Judging by how flushed Katie appeared she was either highly aroused or feeling the full effects of the champagne she had consumed. I suspect both. She really adores breast massage and can often orgasm with only a little pressure applied to her clitoris in conjunction with the proper administrations to her nipples. Right now she had a near naked hunky black man giving her breasts an awe inspiring massage whilst he had his bum and groin resting (and probably pressing) against her pelvis.

Before things got too out of hand, Joel repositioned himself to Katie’s left, facing her feet. Rather than covering her breasts he moved the towel down even further so that in now cut a straight line across her lower stomach, just below the bony peaks of her hips. I suspect, by the way he crept it down the last couple of inches, he was looking for the top of her pubic hair as a place to lower it to. Certainly if Katie hadn’t had her wax her pubic hair would be well and truly exposed. As he began spreading more oil and massaging her side muscles by running one hand over the other pulling the muscles in towards the middle followed by the reverse, pushing the muscles outward, starting at the top and moving down. As he did so Katie started some idle conversation.

“Your physique is amazing. What do you do to keep in shape?”

“Thanks, I have to work pretty hard at it. I do a lot of cycling and a lot of strength work in the gym. You obviously keep in shape yourself. I assure you it’s much more pleasant working on an attractive well maintained body than some of the ones I get.”

“I don’t suppose you get much choice, do you?”

“Actually I do in a way. I really only work with women. My style of massage, with the body press and body slides doesn’t really work with the guys, which suits me fine, I only work part time”

“Bodyslide? I think I know what you mean by the body press, but what’s the body slide?”

“It’s an extension of the body press. I only offer it to clients that I’ve seen a few times, once a level of confidence in each other has been established.”

“Gee, that’s disappointing. I’m not here very often, and I have to say this is the best massage I’ve had. It would be a shame to miss out on the full service.”

“Thankyou for the compliment. Look, we’ll see how we go. If you feel uncomfortable at any time though, you must say so. We normally start with a back slide, so we need to wait till we’re back on to your back. I assume you’ve not had one before.”

“No, I’m not sure what it is to be honest.”

“Ah, that’s the best way to experience it. It can be a bit confronting at first, but it really is the pinnacle of massage.”

While this conversation was progressing Joel’s hands had progressed to massage her lower abdomen. His hands were working down the sides, then sweeping into the middle, regularly sliding a few centimetres beneath the already low-slung towel. There were no complaints from Katie. If anything there was a slight tilting of her pelvis with each downward pass of his hands. His fingers would have surely reached her pubic bone and he would certainly be aware that there was not much pubic hair to be found.

Joel was obviously an expert at his craft of sensual massage. He had taken a previously shy, demure lady, who would not even go topless at the beach, let alone entertain the idea of a nudist beach, to the point where she was requesting a body slide massage. Even if she said she didn’t know what one was, I for one knew that she had a pretty good idea what was involved!

Repeating the process from the other side, it was now back to the feet. The towel had been placed further up Katie’s abdomen, the lower edge again about six inches below her crotch. The foot and lower leg massage was pretty standard. Slowly he moved beyond the knee and onto her right thigh, using long strokes from the knee to the top of the thigh. With each stroke the hands moved further to the in- and outsides of the thigh, the fingers again slipping up under the towel. Despite my camera, there was not enough light to see whether any contact was being made, the towel creating an annoying shadow over her crotch. If there was any contact, then it was only brief with each stroke, as Joel kept his hands moving rhythmically. The left leg was treated in the same way. In the process of doing this not only had Katie’s legs parted some more, but also the towel had moved higher up her legs allowing me to get a vague glimpse of her cunt. Although he was making no obvious attempts, I’m sure that Joel could see a lot more detail than I currently could.

“Time to turn over again. We’re going to work more deeply now but again if you become uncomfortable please let me know.”

“Sure,” replied Katie.

“Can I get you anything? Do you need a drink?”

“That would be great thanks. There’s a part empty bottle of champagne in the mini-bar, it would be criminal not to finish it. Pour yourself a glass if you like, the glasses are in the top drawer.”

“Thanks, but not while I’m working. I’ll get you one though. A bit of alcohol and massage tend to mix very well. I suppose it’s both the mental and physical relaxation it induces.”

As Joel turned to the mini-bar Katie turned herself over, covering her buttocks.

“Gee I hope you didn’t drink this all alone,” said Joel pouring one last glass from the bottle.

“No, my husband and I shared it over lunch, it’s our anniversary.”

In actual fact I’d barely had a glass, to ensure there was plenty for Katie.

“Congratulations, where is he now?”

“Unfortunately he has meetings, and wont be back for another couple of hours yet.”

“OK, lets concentrate on the areas that need extra work. You seemed most tense in your lower back and thighs. Would you like me to start there?”

“Sure”, said Katie, rapidly downing the glass and placing it on the bedside table. Katie wasn’t a big drinker and a couple of glasses of champagne goes straight to her head. The situation was that she had now consumed almost an entire bottle in little over one hour! Perhaps she was just building up some Dutch courage or perhaps she wanted an excuse for her actions. Whatever the answer, her flushed face and enthusiasm to continue indicated that things might get even hotter than they already were.

For variation, Joel straddled Katie’s upper back facing her feet. He commenced firm strokes along the muscles either side of her spine, fanning out as he reached the buttocks. With each stroke he would move further onto the flesh of her buttock, pausing every so often to position the towel a little further south. Before too long it was half way down with the top of her cleft well exposed. Still a legitimate massage I suppose, but the limits of that were about to be tested.

Moving to concentrate on her right cheek, her last remaining piece of covering became the lower quadrant of her left buttock. The edge of the towel now sat neatly in the crack between he cheeks, but because it had already been lowered so far it was probably at the level of her anus. My views were too limited but surely Joel was getting an eyeful of her neat little starfish. Perhaps a little surprised, Katie turned her head to check things in the mirror. Joel immediately started concentrating his attention on the rounded flesh beneath his hands, querying, “You OK?”

“Yeah, feels great”, was the muffled reply.

Joel’s hands kneaded her flesh, one hand on each side of her buttock, rotating, drawing together, and the whole time exposing more of what lay below her anus. His hands now swept down onto the back of her thigh the left hand working round the outer side of the thigh, the right following the crease between the buttock and thigh to the inside of the thigh. Katie gave a little flinch and a stifled gasp escaped her mouth as obviously contact had become more intimate. Teasingly, after this one intimate contact he moved back to the middle of the muscle and repeated the process. Anticipating further contact Katie let the pressure of the massage part her legs ever so slightly. Then it came again, only this time slightly slower, and more lingering.

Taking the right knee Joel drew it up so that both the hip and knee were flexed. Katie’s pose was now like one of those glamour shots, without being overtly pornographic, with the model strewn across the bed as if asleep. From camera one there was a full view of Katie’s hairless cunt. Quite “properly”, but completely unexpectedly, Joel moved the towel back into the midline and raised it to now recover her anus. Whether this was all part of the tease, to keep her guessing as to whether previous intimate contact was intended or not, or whether he was backing off to be sure that he wasn’t overstepping the mark, I wasn’t sure, but again it was clear that this guy knew the art of sensual massage.

With the leg at an angle of about 45 degrees Joel leaned over to reach the bottom of her hamstring. With his tight licra shorts on it was clear that Joel was also enjoying the session. A reasonable sized erection was stretching almost to the top of his shorts, and from her side-on view in the mirror Katie could hardly mistake what she was seeing. As Joel leaned forward he let his erection graze the small of her back, causing Katie to close her eyes and savour the sensation. Meanwhile Joel’s hands were continuing their progress along her hamstring. He paid particular attention to the insertion of the muscle into the pelvic bone. The next to receive attention was the quads muscle in the front of the thigh, again paying attention to the insertion point. His left hand remained gently caressing the hollow on the inside of the quads formed by her leg being at ninety degrees, while the right moved back down the leg, around the inside, and began massaging the other muscle group on the inside of the thigh. As Joel’s right hand approached the insertion of this muscle group, which was immediately adjacent to her pussy lips, his outer hand was forced against the mound of her cunt, covered only by the thin layer of towel. With each movement of his hand Katie let out a soft, barely audible moan, her left fist clenching and relaxing with each brush against her. Before she could go over the edge into an orgasm, Joel ran his hands along the length of the muscle one or two times then started again at the lower end, slowly progressing up. Obviously in anticipation of where this would end, Katie shifted slightly and at the same time clenched the edge of her towel in her left hand, so that when she settled it had shifted and now exposed most of her cunt and all of her anus. She may have thought it a subtle move but it was unlikely that Joel was going to interpret it as anything but an invitation for more intimacy.

If there was any lingering doubt that Katie was finding this highly erotic, then one glance at her sopping cunt would settle the matter immediately. Even in the limited light it was clearly a gooey mess. This was no misplaced massage oil. There is no mistaking the consistency of fresh fanny juice. It had streamed out between her lips and had formed a small mound where her lips met the bed sheet. It looked as if she stood up she’d have a string of mucus reaching to the floor. Just how far was this going to go. I began to worry that maybe I had let Katie have too much champagne at lunch. Was she going to regret her actions? Even though I had a raging hard on in my free hand, with it’s own thin stream of pre-cum stretching to the seat of my chair, I was a little concerned as to how I’d feel if things went much further. I resolved however that this was probably a once in a lifetime event and I’d see it all the way through, whatever the result. As I’d arranged things, I could hardly blame Katie if she was seduced further than I thought she would be.

Joel’s hands were slowly moving up Katie’s thigh the left and right hands rhythmically rotating around the outer and inner aspects respectively. Katie’s breathing became more rapid and shallow the closer he got to her cunt lips. He was close enough now that my view of her dripping snatch was at times obscured. All of a sudden Katie let out a groan as I could see her right outer lip pushed up and back by the pressure of Joel’s palm. Katie made no move to neither stop his advances nor close her legs. Joel’s large hands were now rotating and massaging the ball of her hip joint. The tips of his left fingers intermittently appeared between her legs nudging against the clitoral end of her pussy. As they disappeared back under her leg the right hand would sweep down the crack between her leg and cunt, the edge of his palm brushing back and forth along the edge of her mound. Her breathing continued to quicken, was then drawn in and held briefly before being released in a long slow moan that she tried unsuccessfully to suppress, as her body tensed and relaxed, her pelvis arching to meet the downward sweep of Joel’s palm. This allowed even greater access under her leg and around to her cunt lips for his left hand. There was now a constant to and fro motion against the side of her cunt and what little light there was flickered off the wetness that was being massaged out from between her lips. Still, there appeared to be no direct contact with her clitoris or entry into her vagina.

Finally Katie couldn’t hold back any longer. Her breathing was erratic and uncontrolled. Her eyes closed as her whole body tensed. Katie, having done her best to suppress it for the last 5 to 10 minutes, was having her first orgasm as a result of another man’s touch. Joel meanwhile continued his work. As he orgasm faded he changed to long gentle strokes up and down her thigh, lightly brushing her vulva as he passed.

“I’m sorry,” said Katie, “nothing like that has ever happened before.”

“That’s fine Katie, just relax.”

“God, I’m so embarrassed”

“Don’t be silly, it’s all very natural. I’m sorry if I’ve caused you embarrassment. I didn’t sense what was happening otherwise I would have stopped or at least checked to see if you wanted me to continue. It’s a complement that you could become so relaxed as to respond in such a way to such minimal stimulation. You’re obviously a very sensual woman.”

“No, it’s not your fault. The massage was so good I was in an almost dream like state. I feel so silly, I don’t suppose that sort of thing happens very often.”

“Actually it’s more common than you may think. Some people fight it, which I suppose is unfortunate for them. Not many will respond to such minimally intimate contact as you though. That’s a compliment to you of course.

Some of my regular private customers prefer a more sensual style massage which I’m happy to provide as long as we’re both clear on boundaries. Different people have different expectations from their massage, but as long as they leave totally relaxed and satisfied, I feel my job is done.

Ok, if you’re ready to continue we have more work to do on your left leg. Remember though if you feel uncomfortable, or embarrassed, please let me know, or perhaps just ask me to “move on”, if that’s easier.”

The left leg proceeded pretty much as for the right. Katie seemed more relaxed and when Joel flexed her hip to the side leaving the now somewhat forgotten towel covering little more than her lower right buttock, she made no move to cover the full and complete view that was available of her engorged pussy. Her recent orgasm certainly hadn’t stemmed the flow of pussy juice. This time, as he approached her cunt lips his actions appeared slower and more deliberate. Whether this was to tease her even more, or to test the waters of acceptance, I wasn’t sure. The result was that Katie was more vocal than before. The gentle moans escaping her signalled her state of arousal.

“Are you quite comfortable?” asked Joel.

“Ah, ha,” was all she could muster.

On this signal, Joel changed his approach. He carefully eased the towel completely off Katie. Checking her response, and seeing no move to resist, he began lightly running his fingers over the skin of both legs. As he stretched down to her ankles his cock would again press against the small of her back, but now with greater pressure and purpose. Weaving his fingertips up her legs he deliberately avoided touching her pussy lips, which made Katie wiggle her bum in the hope of initiating contact. The next time Joel stretched down to her ankles he slid his groin up Katie’s back, bringing his face inches from her anus and cunt, and visibly inhaled deeply. Katie always has the sweetest smelling vagina especially when it was flowing. At times I’d go down on her after a work out at the gym just to experience a dirtier aroma. Joel would be getting nothing but that sweet musk aroma today. As he sat up and his head moved away, he breathed out through pursed lips, along the length of her pussy and straight across her anus, which twitched and quivered as his breath passed. Without giving her the chance to contemplate this new development his fingers traced their way back up, between her legs, the right involuntarily spreading to mirror the position of the left.

My view between her legs was now uninterrupted. Here was Katie lying on her stomach, legs spread, with a near naked muscle bound black man rubbing his clearly erect cock into her back, as his fingers played lightly over her buttocks and down between her legs, occasionally drifting over her swollen labia.

Taking the bottle of oil Joel dribbled more across her cheeks, allowing a pool to form just at the top of her crack. As it overflowed and a trickle ran down over her anus Joel quickly placed his finger on the patch of skin between her vagina and anus as though to stop the “accidental” flow. Katie flinched and then groaned as his finger moved upwards over her anus, scooping up the excess oil but causing her sphincter to constrict involuntarily. He then took a buttock firmly in each hand, his hands moving in sweeps from the centre out, stretching her anus, then back inwards down onto her upper inner thighs, his hands following the crease between her buttock and thigh. This resulted in her pussy lips being forced together, opening like a flower, as his hands came together deep between her legs. The groan from Katie was ominous. She wasn’t going to be able to hold back another orgasm for long. Would she ask him to “move on”, would she be satisfied with one orgasm, or would she really let him bring her to orgasm in the full knowledge that they both knew what was going on.

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Joel’s strokes were now getting shorter, running much more vertically down the midline, still stretching her anus and now also causing the part of her pussy closest to her anus to gape, exposing both the opening to her vagina and the large quantity of juice pooled within. As his fingers moved further down the length of her slit, her inner lips and clitoris would momentarily pop into view. His groin was now nestled against the back of her neck, his face and mouth inches above her anus and vulva. With each deep breath in I could see him savouring the mixed aromas arising from both her puckering and relaxing arse hole, and her streaming cunt. Once inhaled, he would blow on her anus and onto her fanny in time with their stretching. How he resisted plunging his tongue in, I don’t know, I was almost tonguing the screen myself.

Each stroke was now causing a guttural groan from Katie. It was obvious what was about to happen and clearly she was more comfortable than earlier. Her inhibitions relaxed, either by the alcohol or by Joel’s earlier reassurances, Katie was going to fully give herself to the next orgasm.

Joel’s strokes were even shorter now, just forming small arcs around her labia, her inner lips and clitoris protruding the whole time, but being constantly jostled by his movements. Copious amounts of cunt juice continued to flow out of her hole and over her clitoris. Short rasping breaths came from Katie as she tensed and let the spasms of her orgasm flow over her.

“Oh god, fuckkk…yesss,” groaned Katie, as she appeared to move her crotch back and forth trying to gain extra contact with Joel’s hands. Joel either had other plans or wasn’t sure if she wanted more direct genital contact, I suspect the former, as all he gave her was his thumbs resting lightly on her anus. As her spasms and groans slowed so did his hands, having the effect of milking every last ounce of pleasure from her exhausted body. I’d never in all our time together seen her orgasm for so long.

“Shit, I shouldn’t be doing this, but it feels unbelievably good.”

“Thankyou, I’m glad you enjoyed it. You seemed much more relaxed. It’s good to be able to feel comfortable in such a setting in order to be able to experience the pleasures of massage fully.”

“Funnily enough my husband’s been trying to get me to have an intimate massage, with a professional provider of course, for a long time.”

‘That’s sort of thing is a very common fantasy for many men, though most make the mistake of involving friends or acquaintances. Then when things don’t work out for one reason or another they’ve got on going problems on their hands. Your husband’s approach is much safer all round.”

Whilst chatting away Joel was delicately running his fingers over Katie’s thighs, buttocks and occasionally very lightly running over her swollen engorged labia and her anus, eliciting small flinches from the pleasurable sensation. Katie made no move to close her legs.

“Would you like to try a body slide, or have you had enough for today?”

“Well, I may not be back here for a while, and it’s still an hour or more till my husband is due back, so I’m game to give it a try even if I’m not exactly sure what it is.”

“Ok then but again, the same rules apply if you’re uncomfortable.” Joel stood and moved to the foot end of the bed. Katie watched him as he moved. “Watched” perhaps isn’t the right word; her eyes roamed his body obviously admiring his physique.

Joel placed his hands around Katie’s ankles and after a last glance straight up to her sopping cunt drew the ankles together, closing the view. He then stood, hooked his thumbs into the sides of his Lycra shorts, and pushed them down.

“Wha…!” began Katie, as the shorts were removed revealing a tiny leather G-string. “Oh, Sorry,” said Katie, “I thought you weren’t going to have anything on under that!”

“My apologies for startling you Katie, the Lycra makes the slide quite uncomfortable on sensitive skin.”

“Oh, fine,” replied Katie. Yeah, sure, I thought.

Joel then began covering his upper body and legs in oil, and aware that Katie was watching his reflection in the mirror, putting on a show of doing so, emphasising his admittedly sensational physique. His muscle definition was superb without his being over muscled. He ran the oil across his six-pack of abdominal’s down to the low cut top of his G-string. His G-string consisted of little more than a thin, soft leather pouch, barely containing what was obviously a rigid cock, held up by a thin leather string tied at the left hip. Leaning forward to oil up his legs, he allowed his forearm to knock the side of his groin so that the movement within the G-string made it obvious that whatever was in there was as stiff as an iron bar.

Crawling onto the bed he placed his knees either side of Katie’s legs and lowered his well-oiled torso down onto Katie’s. His groin nestled in the groove between Katie’s thighs, a few inches below her crotch. He lay there for a while letting her get use to the pressure. Holding her shoulders he then slid his body forward, his barely covered cock and balls gliding up and over her buttocks and onto her back. His chest was now up and over her head, and the view that both Katie and I could see was of a large black oiled body almost engulfing Katie’s petite frame. He slid back down, his cock again slipping into the crack in her buttocks and further on down her thighs until his chest was resting on the curve of her bum. He continued this a number of times then came to rest with his cock wedged in between her buttock cheeks. Joel had kept his legs either side of Katie’s so that hers remained tightly close, giving me no view between, just a view of Joel’s bare (but for the G-string) ass rippling away as he ground himself against my wife’s body.

In this position Katie must have been able to feel his cock directly against her pussy but made no move to change position.

“Not too heavy?” enquired Noel.

“No, not at all. That skin to skin contact feels wonderful”

“Hey, it’s too quiet, I didn’t notice the music had finished. I’ll just change the cd.”

Joel jumped up and moved to change the cd. As he did so his erection was even more obvious. The oil had soaked into the flimsy material and now clung to, and clearly outlined, his genitals. On top of that, as he stood a trail of mucus ran down the shaft, onto his scrotum and out into the air, until it was about six inches long at which point it fell to the floor. One thing for certain was that this was not oil, and there was not no doubt where his cock had been hiding!

The music back on, Joel resumed his previous position. Katie’s legs had parted slightly while Joel was up so that when he lay back down his cock and balls pushed harder against her own genitals.

“Now where were we…..?” whispered Joel. “OK now, just put your arms out sideways. That’s right.” Katie now had her arms at right angles to her body and her elbows flexed also. Joel places his oiled hands at the sides of her chest then slipped them round to cup her breasts. In doing so his pelvis rocked gently from side to side.

“Ooh, that feels a bit naughty!” giggled Katie.

“Mmmm, naughty but nice perhaps?” replied Joel as he began to rotate his hips so that his leather covered cock was massaging back and forth across her cunt. Another moan escaped from Katie. Joel alternated his movements; sometimes rotating other times pumping back and forth as though he was fucking her. Katie was right into it now, meeting his thrusts as best as she could while trapped under his massive frame. That she was building to another orgasm was clear, but rather than let her reach it, Joel teasingly slowed his motions, repeatedly lifting his pelvis off her buttocks and easing them back down. Katie continued to groan and lift her pelvis to maintain contact with his cock. Even with the soft background music, I imagined I could hear the squelch of my little wife’s sopping cunt as Joel’s genitals sunk in and out of the wetness.

“Ready to turn over?”

“Oh shit. I don’t think I’ve got the energy.”

“Come on.” Said Joel, getting off her and helping her turn over. No cover was offered and none was asked for, as my wife lay on her back totally naked with an all but naked, oil covered, man perched above her admiring her totally surrendered body. Joel straddled her groin again and immediately started massaging both her breasts.

“That feels so good.”

“It’s meant to Katie.”

Her nipples were both rapidly erect as Joel moved his hands around them massaging the tissue of her breasts. With fingers splayed he lightly drew them into the centre of her breasts, teasing the nipples more and more with each stroke. Katie was openly gazing at his body, particularly at his abdominals and also the cock straining at the confines of its pouch. Appearing to take the heat out of the situation, Joel moved onto Katie’s right shoulder then on down the arm, resting it on his knee as he went. When he’d finished with the fingers on the right hand, he moved to the left shoulder but draped the right arm along his thigh so that the fingers rested no more than an inch from his leather-covered cock. Every time Joel leaned forward, Katie’s fingers would press against his cock, and each time he leaned back her hand was just that bit closer, until before long they were resting against the side of his shaft. Now each time Joel leaned back and forth Katie’s fingers, without her having to do anything, would rub up and down the side of his shaft. She closed her eyes, as if that made her actions less obvious.

“So what did your husband get you for your anniversary?”

“I don’t know yet. He said it was something I’ve always wanted and will be delivered to our room this afternoon.” She didn’t seem to realise that it already had.

“I hope it doesn’t disturb us.”

“I’m sure it wont,” replied Joel with a slight smile. The tone of his voice made Katie open her eyes and look up at Joel, who hastily added, “I put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.”

“Ah, OK,” said Katie, the tone of her voice was suspicious. Shit, I thought, I think she suspects something. “Maybe it’s already arrived?” she added in a slightly cheeky tone.

“Would you like me to ring reception and check,” asked Joel, continuing the game of cat and mouse.

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” she replied in a more confident manner.

Katie had now moved her hand so that her index finger was hooked in the waist strap of the G-string, away from the side of his cock. Joel finished with the left hand and placed it on his own left thigh, though this time not quite so close to his groin. Perhaps he felt Katie was suspicious or perhaps the fact that she had moved her right hand away from his cock signalled the limit of her involvement. It seemed he was going to wait for signals from her before resuming any further intimacy.

“Would you like any more work on your upper body?”

“How about some of that light fingered work. It gives me goose bumps all over.”

“Sure thing.”

Joel began delicately running his fingers up and down her arms, across her shoulders and gently across her breast. Sensing no problems he concentrated on her breasts.

Katie’s fingers had been busy though. She had moved them further to the hip and had hooked them around the small leather bow that was all that held up Joel’s G-string.

With one small flick she undid the bow, and with that the straps fell away closely followed by the pouch of leather, revealing Joel’s erect cock, hugging the skin of his abdomen.

“Oops, sorry,” giggled Katie. Joel moved one hand to pick up the front of his G-string, but Katie was having none of that. “Hey, that’s not fair! I’m lying here all exposed, shouldn’t you be also?”

“That would only seem fair. Some of my regulars insist on it. I’m completely comfortable so long as the client is.”

From my angle I could only see a side on view of Joel’s cock. It was a good length but not one of those “fantasy 12 inch monsters”. The thing that would impress Katie was its thickness. The head in particular formed a bulbous mushroom swelling on the end of his shaft. The shaft glistened slightly from the oil that had soaked through the G-string. A small amount of pubic hair was visible but clearly most had been shaved away.

Joel moved one hand behind his back, taking the string running up between his buttocks, and drew the G-string from under his scrotum out behind him, throwing it to the floor at the foot of the bed. Katie would now be feeling his bare scrotum on her shaved pubic mound. Rather than bring his hand back to Katie’s breast, Joel lightly ran his fingers up and down her leg, while the other hand continued to play with her breast. He adjusted his position on Katie, moving slightly forward. This allowed him more access to Katie’s mound, and sensing this Katie brazenly opened he legs. It also meant that Katie’s hands were now reaching Joel’s waist and couldn’t rest there comfortably without the need to hold on. Rather than let her arms slide down his thighs onto the bed she flexed her elbows and placed her hands on her belly.

My view of Katie’s hands was now partially blocked by Joel’s thigh. Only my angle from above allowed me any vision at all. Her hands were nestled between his thighs but I couldn’t tell if she was touching or perhaps even playing with his nuts. This was driving me crazy! Was my sweet innocent wife feeling up this guy? I didn’t initially think she would, and now that there was the possibility that she was, or would, I was unsure how to feel about it. It was strangely thrilling though, and my own cock was so hard it almost ached.

I flicked back to the other view to find Katie’s legs even further apart and Joel stroking her inner thighs, teasing a finger along her labia. He then extended his middle three fingers spreading them slightly and dragged them along the length of her vulva. Katie flinched at the first contact to her clitoris. The next few strokes Joel touched only her labia. Katie groaned and tried to arch her pelvis into his fingers. Joel again stroked her clitoris on a downward stroke as Katie sighed almost as though in relief. A few more gentle strokes up and down, then Joel let his finger linger on the hood of her clitoris, drawing little circles so that the skin moved over the head of her swollen clitoris, rhythmically exposing and covering it.

That’s fine,” I heard Joel quietly say. Wondering what this was in response to I changed my view to reveal my wife’s hands around the base of Joel’s penis. Her eyes were now closed and she was clearly revelling in the experience, totally consumed, and giving herself fully to her senses. Katie was tentatively playing with the base of his cock, without stroking its shaft, much like a comfort toy while her mind was elsewhere.

Back at my wife’s cunt Joel was again running his fingers up and down the length of her slit. He stopped briefly at the base of her clitoris and this time as his middle finger ran down the centre of her slit he applied a little more pressure. His finger slipped easily between the folds half submerging as her labia parted then enveloped over the sides of the digit. Katie shuddered. At the end of the stroke he lifted his hand back to the top, trailing a long thick trail of mucus. He again partially submerged his finger in her sea of cunt juice, but this time lingered, subtly flexing his finger, testing the tension in her hole. I could see the lips of her vagina closing more and more over the finger as Joel threatened to penetrate her. I had no idea what was happening at the other end, I couldn’t take my eyes of the vision in front of me. Then it happened. Amidst an almighty groan from Katie the end of Joel’s finger disappeared up Katie’s hole as though cut off at the second joint. He kept still for a moment then started rubbing his palm against her clitoris. Within seconds another shuddering orgasm his Katie With steady control Joel kept her going for what seemed like a minute of full on intensity.

As Katie began to relax, as her orgasm came to an end, Joel eased his finger out of her. Slipped out would probably be a better description, there was that much slippery mucus pouring out of her.

“No, please don’t,” pleaded Katie. “Jesus, I’ve never come so hard before.”

Unhurriedly Joel replaced his middle finger with his thumb, easing it in, and using the base of his thumb to slowly start to massage her clitoral area again. He was leaning back, placing his other hand on the bed behind him to steady himself, and give his right hand better control on Katie’s cunt. This meant of course that there was no hand free to play with her breasts but I’m sure Katie was happy with this small sacrifice.

From my other view I could see Katie still almost absent-mindedly playing with the base of Joel’s cock. Every now and then as a spasm of pleasure passed through her, her grip would tighten and move up the shaft again. With Joel leaning back a clearer view of his cock and balls was available. His pubes and scrotum appeared almost totally shaved except for a small “Eiffel tower” of tight black curls extending up from the base of his organ. His nuts appeared enormous, although Katie’s hands still obscured a good view. Katie’s delicate white hand struggled to encircle the base of his cock, whish while no longer than my own was a good deal thicker. The ridge of engorged flesh running on the underside of his cock stood out like the keel of a bout.

Katie was flinching, in pleasure not pain, in time with every thrust Joel made into her cunt. Each time she would squeeze her fist and move the skin over the base of his penis in a mini-masturbating movement.

“Here let me help you there,” came Joel’s voice, leaning forward and picking up the oil bottle. He placed his hand loosely around his shaft then squirted a generous amount of oil into his palm, before rubbing it over the shaft and head. He then took Katie’s right hand, palm upwards, and filled it with oil. Putting down the bottle he lifted his scrotum and deposited his cum filled testicles into her upturned hand.

“Is it OK to play with it?” asked Katie somewhat nervously.

“Of course it is. This is your massage Katie, any requests will almost certainly be granted. The only aim is to leave you totally satisfied, whatever that may entail. And of course if it feels good for me, well that’s an added bonus.”

Katie gasped and flinched again, as obviously her cunt was again entered by some part of Joel’s hand. I was too captivated by my wife’s hands to check whether it was his thumb, finger or anything else for that matter. Here was my timid little wife greasing up another man’s pole with one hand and exploring his scrotum with the other. She was clearly giving herself to the moment and loving it. The way she was feeling his testicles, and savouring the feel of the head of his cock, as though this was the first and last time she was ever going to have such an opportunity, filled me with both jealousy and an intense feeling of eroticism. As more pre-cum leaked from the end of his cock, Katie collected it with the tip of her finger, and used it to lubricate the head of his cock.

By this time Joel had begun thrusting his pelvis in time with Katie’s wrist movements. Perhaps because he was about to come, perhaps because he had other plans, Joel suddenly and smoothly re-took control of the situation. Sliding his ass backwards, his cock released it’s self from Katie’s firm grip. At the same time, he bought his legs together, outside Katie’s, closing hers tightly together. His head was now at the level of her throat, his cock and balls resting snugly between her thighs, only inches below her pubic mound. His elbows rested on the bed beside her abdomen, his hands were placed on the soft curves between her clavicles and the commencement of the mounds of her breasts.

“Time for some more body slide, don’t you think.”

In the space of a simple “Ah ha,” Katie’s tone shifted from disappointment at losing both her grip on that wonderful black organ and the pleasure her cunt was experiencing, to the nervous excitement of what the next instalment of this sexual adventure may have in stall.

Joel’s hands moved to fully encompass, and massage, her breasts, while his pelvis began to slide up and down her thighs. Whether she was holding her legs together or he was not letting them open as part of his plan, was not possible to say, but the tension in the muscles was clear. In a sawing motion, Joel was rubbing the keel of his penis up and down between Katie’s labia. You didn’t need to be a doctor to know that this meant the brunt of the pleasure was being taken directly on her clitoris, nor a sex therapist to realise that Katie had just about lost all self control under the influence of total sexual pleasure. Katie’s hands had now moved to Joel’s buttocks and were helping him grind his pelvis into hers.

It was clear now that Katie was trying to let her legs part, desperate to increase the contact between genitals. Finally Joel relented, letting her legs part slightly, and resting his between hers, but not losing a beat in the rhythm of his faux fucking. With each slide downwards, he would pause the head of his cock at the base of her clit, so that the engorged labia would spread around the head, and just before it looked as though they would close around and engulf it, he would thrust forward causing Katie to grunt in anguish. Each backward stroke would see his cock slip further between her legs, but he maintained careful control so that it didn’t slip into her longing tunnel uninvited.

Letting his cock fall between her legs, he wedged it between her buttocks, before dragging it up between her legs, spreading her labia with the head, until it flicked over her clitoris. At this point he again applied the pressure of the base of his cock to the apex of her slit, as he ran the length of his shaft forward, his balls eventually emerging either side of the base. The slickness of the head of his cock attested to Katie’s state of arousal, with clear cunt juice running down from the head of Joel’s cock, where it had been scooped from between Katie’s thighs. There were no complaints from Katie with this level of intimacy, as Joel repeated the manoeuvre again and again. As the tip of his cock dragged across the entrance to her vagina, Katie’s legs would close slightly as if to trap it in that position. Joel however, was in full control, and Katie was going to have to make her wishes very clear if she wanted to change Joel’s approach.

After a few more thrusts, Joel came to rest on top of Katie, again placing his legs outside hers, keeping them most of the way together. There he rested for what seemed a minute or two to allow them both to catch their breaths, and possibly to let Katie clear her thoughts about what may happen next. It was impossible to see for certain but I suspected from the position he was in, the head of his cock would be nestled between Katie’s labia. This became clear as she began moaning and grasping his ass, as Joel rotated his pelvis in small circular motions, then thrusting back and forth, the head of his cock pressing against her sphincter, threatening to enter her fully. This was driving Katie wild. The pressure of a warm cock head on the verge of penetration would always have Katie begging for full penetration and the feeling of being internally filled by a solid cock. How would she handle another man’s cock, particularly in her current state of arousal?

Joel didn’t push the issue. Every now and then he would let his cock slip up onto her bare belly, only to be met with a whimper of disappointment.

“Oh fuck, I shouldn’t be doing this. Gees, fuck, …aaah.” Joel continued to gently probe back and forth at the entrance to her vagina. Katie managed to manoeuvre her thighs outside his and was, with the help of her hands on his ass, trying to help his cock into her.

“Do you want me to put a condom on?” Here it was. Was Katie going to let this man fuck her? As much as she hated condoms she would surely insist on protection. She was obviously torn between desperately wanting a thorough fucking and her sense that this was against her normal values. Or so I thought. Her response floored me.

“No, ……just don’t come in me.”

“Are you sure, Katie?”

“No, I just need to be fucked. Please, before I lose the moment.”

With that she wrapped her legs around his, as Joel slowly let the full length of his cock slip into Katie. Immediately, Katie began to shudder, having her most powerful orgasm to date. Moaning and groaning, Katie threw her head back, eyes closed and hands clenched on Joel’s buttocks. Joel meanwhile was in complete control, very slowly easing his now glistening cock in and out of my wife’s sodden cunt, pausing at the entrance before plunging back in. I could see Joel’s scrotum bounce against Katie’s ass with every stroke.

I wasn’t sure what to do at this stage. Katie was obviously in a state of ecstasy she had never known before. I had wanted to loosen her up a bit but I had fully expected her to draw the line well before this. I didn’t know whether I should phone the room and speak to her, turn off the monitor or continue drooling over vision of my once shy, conservative wife, fucking a man she’d only met an hour or so ago. I chose the latter.

As her orgasm subsided, Joel let his cock slide out. It bounced up against his abdomen with a little “thwack”, Katie’s cunt juice splattering.

“Are you cumming?” asked Katie hurriedly, either concerned she may have cum inside her, or more likely worried that her fuck session was over.

“No, I thought you might like to try something different.” With that he turned her over and raised her hips so that she was on her knees with her ass and cunt in the air. Taking his cock he rubbed the head around her lips, then sunk the full length deep into her, forcing the rest of her body to rock forward on the bed. Katie turned her head to the side so that she could view Joel’s cock in the mirror, disappearing in and of her body, occasionally closing her eyes as the sensations became too intense.

Joel leaned forward on his elbows so that her could take Katie’s breasts in his hands, kneading them and teasing her nipples, which always makes her clitoris stiffen. Katie reached a hand back to take Joel’s balls in her grasp, raking her fingernails across his scrotum, and occasionally grasping his shaft. Katie had completely given herself over to the rawness of the situation, and any inhibitions she had previously had were no longer to be seen.

Katie was pushing back against Joel’s thrusts while Joel was using his large hands to steady her pelvis by grasping her narrow waist. The music had long since stopped, allowing me to hear not only Katie’s moans, and Joel’s soft encouraging words, but also the sloshing and pounding that her cunt was receiving.

Katie turned her head back to bury it in her pillow, muffling only slightly her increasing guttural groans with each thrust of Joel’s piston, signalling another approaching climax.

“Come on baby. That’s it, let it go.” Whispered Joel.

This pushed her over the edge. Katie stiffened, held her ass high and steady, and screamed her pleasure into the pillow. As her orgasm subsided, she slumped forward onto the bed; causing Joel’s cock to release it’s self from her slit. I was glad to see that it was still rock hard, hopefully indicating that he hadn’t come in her.

“Had enough massage for one day?” he cheekily enquired.

“Shit. Actually, no. I’ve come this far, and I don’t know if I’ll be given this chance again. There’s one thing I’d like to try.”

“Sure, I’m up to just about anything.”

“This isn’t the first time you’ve done this sort of thing, is it?”

“Well, no. Not all sessions are this enjoyable though”

“Well I hope my husband knows what he’s gotten himself into. O.K. lie down on your back. And please remember not to come in me. We really should use a condom, but I just love the warmth of a big cock in me.”

With that Katie started to climb on top of Joel, and I knew exactly what she was going to do. Katie’s favourite position for sex is reverse cowgirl. Climbing astride she positioned herself over Joel’s cock, took the base of his shaft in her right hand, and milked his organ so that a large glob of pre-cum oozed from the tip. Katie wiped this away then lowered herself until the head was just touching her pouting labia. My view of this action was stunning. Little more than a few feet in front of me was my wife’s sweaty torso inching up and down on a strangers black cock head. Now she was doing the teasing, letting the mushroom head pop just inside the constriction of her vaginal sphincter then lifting up so that it popped out, with the tip still resting between her labia. Finally Katie relented and sank smoothly down the full length of his shaft. I could see his cock disappearing inch-by-inch, deep into Katie’s pelvis. At the bottom she began rotating her pelvis, grinding harder and harder onto Joel’s cock, before lifting herself up and all but free. As she did so I could see Joel’s cock reappear, this time glistening with my wife’s cum. Now both Katie’s and Joel’s groans could be heard, as she quickened the pace. Watching her lithe body do squats up and down on the black shaft between her legs, thighs spread, abdominals standing firm and drenched in sweat, gave me a strange sense of pride mixed with a small amount of jealousy and anxiety.

They were both obviously enjoying themselves and by the increasing noises coming from Joel it was clear that he couldn’t hold on much longer. Katie slowed and rotated round to face her partner, keeping Joel’s cock buried inside her. The view was again exquisite, this time showing her beautiful firm ass, her puckered hole stretched by the thick cock lodged deeply in the cunt in front of it. As she rode up, the rim at the base of Joel’s cock head would cause a small ripple of the anus, before the labia rolled back to reveal the burgeoning head. Before it could slip free, Katie would plunge down again hungrily engulfing its length. The rhythm was fast and furious now, and it was clear that they were both close to orgasming. It appeared to be a race to see if Katie could squeeze one more orgasm in before Joel blew his load.

As Katie began her orgasm, she sensed Joel’s impending eruption, and putting her hand between her legs, she grasped the base of his cock riding off it just as the first stream of cum spewed forth spraying white streaks across her vulva. With pleasure out-weighing her concerns, she immediately sat down on the under surface of the length of the shaft, sliding her vulva along the base, while continuing to milk Joel’s cock of it’s sperm with her fist. Katie’s orgasm continued as she watched spurts of Joel’s cum fly from between her thighs onto Joel’s abdomen.

Eventually the pace slowed, and Katie fell to her side to lie on her back beside Joel. “Christ, that had to stop soon or I was going to pass out. I hope you charge by the session, not by the orgasm, or I’m going to be broke!”

“Don’t worry the account is taken care of.”

“Mmm, I wonder how that will show up on the hotel account?”

“No problem, it was settled in advance, in cash, by your husband.”

“Oh, God, my husband! What am I going to tell him!”

“I’d thank him for arranging a really good massage. I’m sure he’ll understand.”

“But I arranged it!”

“Really. Are you sure? Look lie there and just relax, now is not the time to stress. The time immediately after a massage is a critical part of the whole experience. And anyway, I have another appointment to get to so I wont be able to “de-stress” you any longer.

I’m just going to pop into the shower then I’ll be back to clean up.”

The shower could be heard running in the bathroom while Katie lay peacefully in the middle of the bed. A few minutes later the shower stopped, the bath started running, and Joel returned, still stark naked, with a bowel of water and a large sea sponge. Straddling Katie again, and judging by her startled response, waking her, he began gently sponging her down.

“Sorry,” said Katie, “I must have dosed of.”

“That’s fine. That’s what’s meant to happen at this point. I’ve started the bath running and added some bath salts, so once I’ve sponged you down I suggest you soak for a while. Normally I’d offer to get in with you to see the whole session through to the finish but unfortunately I have an appointment with a regular.”

“If you have to go that’s fine, I’ll be right from here.”

“Certainly not, I’ve still got a few minutes. This is one of my favourite bits of the massage. I like to see a client go from being tense and uncertain to completely relaxed, and showing that unmistakable glow that follows a good orgasm. To me it’s almost the most sensual part”

All the time Joel was sponging the oil from Katie, the mixture causing small droplets to form over her oily skin. Her nipples hardened again either due to the stimulation, or perhaps just the evaporation of the water. Approaching her pubic region he placed the sponge over his cock so that it pushed down between her cunt lips.

“We seem to have relaxed that a bit. Are you sure your regular wont mind?”

“I think she’ll still be satisfied,” replied Joel, as his cock hardened between her thighs.

“Gee, I suppose that’s a bit of an advantage in your line of work!” said Katie admiring his stiffening prick.

“And I last longer second time around. Now roll over before I cancel my next appointment.”

Finishing his mopping up, which included sponging his own cum from Katie’s lips, Joel climbed off Katie and began dressing.

“Well thankyou for such a pleasurable afternoon. If you’re ever back in town feel free to look me up.” Taking a business card from his pocket, he passed it to Katie.

“Joel and friends massage,” read Katie. “So there’s more like you are there?”

“Well sometimes we get together to provide a very special service. That’s a fair bit more “exotic” than the standard service. Aaah, but another day perhaps.”

Finishing dressing, Joel packed his things and left with a last goodbye. Shortly afterwards Katie rose from the bed and went to the bathroom for her bath.

The only thing left was for me to leave my “meeting”, and front up to my wife. But that’s another story.