Tara’s Breeding

Tara Bridges opened the door to her new apartment and breathed a sigh of relief. “Finally,” she thought, “Time to relax…”

The room had the scent of freshness about it, a nice change from the heavier, musty smell of her old apartment. Tara held a cardboard box with all her more intimate belongings – the kinds of things she wouldn’t want the movers to find if they ‘accidently’ took a peek inside the box labeled “PERSONAL” with large black marker.

“That’d give them too much of a thrill,” Tara smiled to herself as she surveyed her new surroundings. She found the apartment a few days before, and immediately she knew she had to have it. The hardwood main floor opened up into a spacious living room from which connected a small white kitchen complete with dividing counter-space. A bathroom with shower and bathtub were opposite, and nearby led into her new bedroom – white walls and spacious floor waiting to be filled. Tara stepped into the empty bedroom, the “PERSONAL” box cradled in her arms.

The movers weren’t due to arrive for another hour, and in the meantime Tara had little else to do. She had taken the day off of waitressing at the coffee house so she could set up her new apartment, and without her computer to update her blog or even a couch to daydream on she had nothing left except to wait for the rest of her things to come in.

Tara looked down at her box and stroked the edges pensively. “Hmmm, I guess it wouldn’t hurt…” she murmured. She glanced around the empty apartment, a grin tugging on the corners of her mouth. “I’ll just take a peek till those guys get here…”

She closed the door to her new bedroom and sat down, placed the box between her legs, and opened it. Inside she found a few of her tank tops, tight blue jeans, mid thigh-length skirts, thin socks, and other bits of clothing. Tara wore those kinds of clothes whenever she could – her more-than handfuls of breasts felt so snug in her tight tank tops, and her jeans hugged her ass perfectly. Others definitely noticed as she sauntered along the streets in a short skirt or while she was waitressing, hips swaying and breasts jutting. Their attention always had a way of making her smile.

But that was just a cover for her real treasures. Pawing aside the upper layers of clothes, Tara pulled out a lacy pink thong. The dainty thing wrapped around her fingers like a silky string, and she sighed – She hadn’t gotten to wear it for anyone lately. Her work demanded most of her time, and combined with the rigors of being an aspiring author and maintaining an online blog for the masses, she was just too busy to find herself some guy to show off how sexy she looked with a little pink thong on – and nothing else.

Oh well,” Tara thought with a shrug, “I know I’ll still enjoy it.”

With a catish grin Tara stood up and slipped off her white panties. The change was easy since she wore a short skirt with her tight t-shirt, and when the thong slid up and around her ass she felt a little jolt run through her. She could remember posing in them before for one of her boyfriends – and the pictures of that little photoshoot she still kept in her scrapbook.

Her still-warm panties found a place in the box and were buried again as she sat and dug deeper. She touched the soft leathery corner of her personal scrapbook. “Gotcha! she pulled out the small tome and set it onto her lap. The plain cover hid the pages and pages of pictures Tara had found in her explorations into the darker side of the internet.

Halfway through she found the high-resolution black-and-white photographs she adored, the ones with a pair of red lips barely touching the head of a stiff cock or a woman pushed down onto a plush bed by a man taking her from behind. Often she had fantasies develop around these pictures, ones she typed down for her blog – ones she brought with her to bed late at night. She looked at a picture of a tall strong man holding a limp and naked girl in his burly arms, his face hidden by the shadow as he held his prize before him. Claimed by him.

Inspired, Tara put the book aside and rummaged around some more in the box. At the very bottom her fingers brushed by something firm and long – just what she was looking for. She pulled out her hidden toy, a rabbit vibrator, squeezing the firm yet yielding gel shaft into her palm and stroking the clit stimulator in slow deliberate circles.

“Hmmm… If only you were real…” Tara mused, stroking her finger down and over the bulbous head. She imagined it belonging to the strong man in the photo, tall and fit, his cock ready to fuck her at just the sight of her shaking her ass in her pink lacy thong.

“Mmmm…” She thought of how he would want her so bad that she would feel it in his gaze, feel it in his grip around her waist, and that he wouldn’t hesitate to push her to the floor and take her like an animal. Her panties were getting moist at the thought, and when she lifted up her little skirt she could see the light pink fabric darkening with her juices…

Tara began to move the toy along her wet pussy, a little tease as she imagined the man rubbing his cock up and down her aching slit. “Naughty girl, getting fucked on the bedroom floor…” She pulled her panties aside, imagining her dainty hand was his instead, pulling away the light protection of fabric with rough and powerful fingers that grazed her soft inner thighs. She could see his muscles tensing, readying to thrust inside her hot and ready pussy as she pressed the toy into her tight pus-


Tara shoved the dildo under the clothes in her box along with her scrap book and jumped to her feet in half a second, her heart pounding as she rearranged her panties over her frustrated sex.

“Shit, the movers,” Tara thought, “They must have come early!” Carefully, she smoothed her skirt down over herself and brushed at her bedhead hair with her hand before stamping to the door. “God damn, they were supposed to be here in an hour… ughhhh!” Tara gripped the knob and threw open the door, but her glare melted. Three men stood in the doorway, looking down at her.

“Are you Tara Bridges?” The man in front asked.

“Yeah… That’s me…”

“Looks like you have some furniture to move in,” The man looked down at his clipboard, “Single-piece couch, table, some dining room chairs, queen-sized bed plus headboard, and assorted cardboard boxes – Is that right Miss Bridges?”

“Umm, yes, that’s right.”

“Alright then,” He looked back and motioned to his two partners who disappeared down the steps, “My associates will start moving up your things while you show me where you’ll have them.”

Tara stared at the man blankly for a moment before starting, “Uh, Sure! Yes, thank you! I, well, let me show you around then!” She quickly turned back around, trying to hide her warming face.

“Oh my God! They are sooo hot!”

Tara gave the foreman a tour of her apartment, glancing back at him constantly. She pointed to one corner of the living room and the other, her eyes scanning over his muscled arms and strong chest whenever he pointed in turn. They were no doubt developed from his job lifting furniture all day, she thought. Then she led him through the kitchen and into the bedroom, ushering him in before her so she could check him out from behind. She rubbed her thighs together when she saw his ass and legs, his body so taut and developed that she could see it through his pale shirt and blue jeans. When he turned to the side to look over the room, her eyes immediately fell down to his crotch, which bulged even then with his manhood.

“Pretty big, isn’t it?” He said.

Tara jumped, her face red. “W-what?”

“No problem – we can fit your bed in here just fine,” He continued looking around the room as Tara let out a little puff of air that had gotten caught in her chest. “I’ve got to get myself a boyfriend with a cock like that… God, I’m too horny right now for my own good…” Tara reflected, trying to keep her eyes off the foreman’s package. She kept glancing back despite her best efforts.

There was a shuffling in the living room. Tara looked around and saw the other two moving men, quite buff and toned almost as much as the foreman, carrying her large couch in as easily as if it were an empty cardboard box.

“Where’ll we put it?” One of them asked.

“Mmm, the places you men could put it…” Snapping out of her lusty daydreams, Tara managed to point, “Um, right there is good for now.”

The two men put the couch down and went back downstairs while the foreman stayed with Tara. Her knees were feeling weak just by standing next to the man. She could feel his heat even from a foot away.

“This is a pretty nice apartment you’ve got,” he said, “Excited about moving in?”

“Oh yeah – yeah, I’m pretty excited,” Tara replied.

“We’re usually having to move refrigerators and cabinets and cat trees for little old ladies that smell like mothballs, so this’ll be a nice change of pace for once.”

Tara laughed, “Mothballs?”

He smiled, “Yeah – could hear ’em rattling around in everything we were moving. Couldn’t get the smell out of my clothes for days.”

“Haha, well I don’t think you’ll have to worry about picking up a bad smell here – no mothballs or cats for me!”

“I’ll take your word for it. Seems to smell rather nice in here, actually,” he flashed Tara a sidelong glance. She felt herself blush even harder.

“So, uh, what’s your name?” Tara suddenly found the need to brush her hair back and study the hardwood floor.

“Name’s Roy, Miss Bridges,” he said.

“Ah, then you can call me Tara, Roy,” she extended her hand politely.

“Well then Tara, it is a pleasure to meet you,” he reached forward and took hold of her hand. Tara watched her dainty hand disappear in his firm, electric grasp. They shook, he barely moving yet Tara felt his strength all through her arm. She thought her knees might buckle.

She was relieved to hear the two other moving men enter the living room again. “Roy,” said one of them with a box under each arm, “in the time you’ve spent talking up the pretty lady you could’ve emptied out half the truck!”

“Yeah,” the other grunted as he set down a large box, “bet she’s tired of you trying to oogle the goods instead of helping us move ’em!”

Tara really blushed then, but Roy just laughed, “Alright, alright, I’ll help you pansies out,” he turned back towards Tara and hiked his thumb over his shoulder, “See what I get to work with? They still won’t forgive me about those mothballs.” Tara smiled, and Roy turned around and disappeared out the door.

Tara felt much better about being interrupted then – this show was better than photos for sure! Tara leaned in the bedroom doorframe with her arms crossed under her breasts, watching the men work. Steadily, the bare apartment filled with her things – lamps, chairs, rolled up carpets, and countless cardboard boxes.

The two other men trudged into the room with her heavy computer desk between them as Roy brought up two large boxes perched on either shoulder. Tara noticed the other men were more heavily built than Roy – they were stockier, their legs and arms knotted with muscles, while Roy’s build was more lengthy and toned. Tara couldn’t keep her eyes off them, and her thoughts drifted to how they would look without their grey work shirts covering their sweat-slick chests…

Tara was snapped out of her reverie as Roy approached. The other men thumped her refrigerator down behind the kitchen counter, and the rest of the room was filled with her things already.

“So,” Roy said, “That seems to be just about everything, Miss Tara Bridges. Just the bed left to move in, but that shouldn’t be a problem” His confident voice made Tara melt. It was the kind of voice that Tara imagined whispering in her ear on her many boyfriendless nights…

“Really? I thought I had more things…” “Damn it, I wish I had more!” Tara entertained the idea of taking a hasty trip to the furniture store – she was sure they were on the brink of taking off their shirts for real.

“Nope, though I wouldn’t mind if you did have more,” He stretched his arms out and rolled his head, “It’s not every day we get to work for such a lovely lady as yourself.”

“Hehe, thank you. I try to be pretty, ya know?” She felt giddy around Roy – he’d be populating her fantasies for nights to come, she was sure.

“Naw, you don’t have to try I’d say,” he looked around the freshly moved-in bachelorette’s apartment, “I suppose your boyfriend will be bringing over his stuff pretty soon, eh?”

“Boyfriend? Ha! Haven’t had one of those for awhile,” Tara said, with just a hint of bitterness. Sex was so hard to come by since her last boyfriend, and her fantasies could only go so far to satisfy her. “Maybe you can ask your girlfriend to find me one, hmm?”

Roy laughed, “No girlfriends for me. I like to keep things pretty simple, and not just any girl will do. But you should be having tons of guys falling over themselves trying to get to you!”

Tara shook her head, “Mm-mm. Maybe none of them are brave enough to just come and get me.”

“Oh, don’t be too sure,” Roy said, “I’m sure someone is going to catch you fairly soon, Tara.”

Tara smiled – she was hoping he would ask for her number, but she heard the thumping steps in the hallway again.

“Looks like they’ve got your bed. I should probably go help them – they’ll get cranky if I don’t.” Tara opened her mouth but Roy dashed out the door before she could say anything. “Damn,” she huffed, smoothing out her skirt for the second time that night.

The three men entered Tara’s apartment carrying her great bed between them and trudged into Tara’s bedroom. She followed after, eager to see the burly men working for her again. They grunted and strained, muscles tensing and rippling, all for little Tara’s benefit… The thought made her rub her legs together – she stepped behind her large bed sheet box as she felt herself getting hot again.

They positioned the bed with a loud thump. Somehow they were able to bring the large bed all up in one piece, a feat which further impressed Tara. All three men left the room again, Roy giving her a final sidelong glance as he walked out the door. She looked on, not wanting them to be leaving so soon, and pulled her black sheets from the box.

“God…” She breathed, reveling in how those men hoisted her huge bed into her apartment, along with all her other things. Soon her dark sheets were lain out over the bed, as well as her pillows – A soft black island in a pale white room. Tara heard front door close firmly and heavy familiar footsteps thumped through into her living room. They were discussing something in their low voices, Roy’s more boyish-tone distinct from the deeper tones of his associates. “Oh, they’ll be put to better use than moving my stuff soon enough”, she thought, rubbing her legs together, “if only just for me and my little toy…”

She sat at the foot of her bed and her mind wandered. Her mind flashed with short visions of hot and heavy sex, of strong men forcing her against her soft sheets, pressing her face into the pillows as they took their turns fucking her long and hard. Big strong men, like the ones in her living room right then… The movers were surely not helping her get over her horniness, and Tara felt like if she didn’t get some relief soon she might very well make her fantasies a reality. Her hand crept up her inner thigh, wishing somehow she would get more than just fantasies tonight…

There was a polite, deep cough at the open bedroom door. Tara jumped to her feet, noticing only now that the movers had stopped talking. They stood inside her bedroom’s doorway, Roy in front with arms crossed. They were grinning as she hastily straightened out her skirt, a blush crossing her face.

“All moved in, Tara,” Roy announced, and Tara nodded quickly.

“T-thanks guys, you helped me out a lot!” Tara said, wondering if they had seen her hand under her skirt.

“Now, about our payment…” Roy said.

“Oh, right…” Tara said, “Let me just get my checkbook…” She stepped towards the doorway somewhat slowly. She was beginning to think of ways to keep them around – invite them to stay for coffee, or to move in just one more piece of furniture that she hadn’t quite bought yet, or –

But Tara didn’t have the chance to think. The door slammed shut before she got there.

“Not that kind of payment, Tara.”

She stopped. “Um, do… do you guys only take cash then?”

This time they all laughed – strong hearty laughs. “Oh no, we’re not going to take money from you, Tara.” Roy said, stepping forward, “I discussed it with my boys, and we all agreed that we’ll be taking something else tonight…”

Tara felt very small before the wall of muscle-bound men, “W-what will you take then?” She asked, backing up slightly. There was nowhere to go. A knowing chill ran up her spine. Roy grinned.


The men were on Tara in an instant – their strong hands grabbing her arms, roving up her legs, fondling her breasts. She couldn’t even let out a yelp– her lungs were paralyzed around her terror-chilled heart. The men pawed her inner thighs, over her taut belly, down her back, up her neck, around her breasts – petting her whole transfixed body through her clothes.

“Oh god! What are they doing!?” Tara panicked. Their hands were so hot, and they pinched her ass and grabbed her breasts so forcefully, so eagerly.Tara tried to cross her legs, but powerful fingers pried between her tightened thighs anyway.

“Stop!” Tara cried out, “Get off me!”

Her protest fell on deaf ears. They boys had found their new toy. Roy spoke behind her, his chest pressing against her back.

“I told you Tara, I don’t settle for just any girl. And it seems like you do want this…” She felt his hand slide up her thigh till it disappeared under her skirt. She jumped as his hot fingers ran across her hot, moist thong.

His chuckle reverberated through Tara’s light frame, “I think you want this more than you’re ready to admit!” He stroked along her wanting slit, and Tara’s knees nearly buckled as she let out an involuntary moan.

“N-no! Get away from me!” Tara began to struggle, to break free from the groping men. But they were too strong for her, and it goaded them on. They lifted Tara’s arms up and peeled off her t-shirt. Her skirt slid down her legs and pooled on the floor. Tara stood between them, only her lacy bra and pink thong to protect her. Their rough hands touched bare skin as she vainly tried to cover up and push them away.

Roy’s voice played in her ear. “It’s been awhile since we had an employer as sexy as you, Tara…” A hand grabbed her bare ass as another grasped one of her laced breasts, “or as ready to get fucked. We’re pretty pent up, you know…” With a click, her bra went slack and fell to the ground. Roy cupped her bare tits from behind before she could cover them herself.

“Mmm, that feels so good…” Tara thought, despite her fear. Her alarmed gasp turned into a moan as those rough fingers toyed with her hardening nipples… “NO!” she back-thought, “What am I thinking!? I won’t let them rape me!!” Her heart pounded in her chest, but she couldn’t tell if it was from terror, or excitement.

“You’re not going to fuck me, Roy!” She yelled, her heart jolting at the thought of Roy and the men taking her. She redoubled her struggle, trying to land a kick on the men holding her. They simply pressed closer.

“But of course I am, Tara. We all are…” The foreman replied as more rough fingers slid under her minute throng strings. The fabric clung to her sex before peeling away and dropping to the ground at her kicking feet. The three men felt in turn between her legs. Tara tried to lock her thighs in vain. No doubt they felt how wet she was getting, she knew. Tara felt her thighs loosening to let their pressing touches in despite herself…

The hands left Tara’s body, and her eyes snapped open. She hadn’t noticed closing them. The two movers stood ahead of her looking her over like hungry bears. It was her chance to run. Tara tried to sprint away, but Roy seized her bare waist and pulled her back, kicking. He grabbed her wrists and wrapped her arms uselessly in front of her, like a young couple at a dance. She couldn’t escape.

“No no no, Tara! You’ve got to watch,” he taunted in her ear, holding her tight. Shivers shot down her spine and stopped her futile writhing. The movers eyes kept roving over Tara’s naked body as they stripped. Tara stared helplessly as their thick hardened chests were unveiled from under their company shirts and their jeans were thrown aside.

“They’ve been waiting a long time for a girl to breed…” Roy said.

Tara’s heart stopped. “Breed?” “What the fuck does that mean!?”

“Mhmmm,” He hummed in her ear, nodding towards the two naked men. “It isn’t a big surprise they are good at it, is it?” Tara’s eyes betrayed her and looked – they were both hung like bulls, their cocks thick and heavily veined with testicles hanging like stones beneath them. Roy tightened his grip as Tara began to struggle again. “Haha, I guess you like what you see then, hmmm?”

“No! They’re – they’re disgusting!” But Tara stared at their members still. She caught her mouth slightly open, breathing hard. So did Roy.

“Now now, Tara. Don’t be saying mean things to my boys. You might hurt their feelings!” The two men chuckled and stroked their flaccid manhoods to life before her.

Tara couldn’t deny that she was impressed – no, more than that, she wanted their cocks. She needed them inside her. She was so unbelievably turned on, even as these men intended to rape her – ‘Breed’ her. And she couldn’t hide that from them either, not with her moistening pussy on display.

“Lemme go right now you – you fucking bastards!” Tara intended to roar, but her words came as a whimper instead.

The men laughed, and Roy pulled her hands further down her front. “I don’t think we’re gonna be doing that anytime soon,” he said, “we’ll be taking good care of you for awhile, Tara!” Roy let go and pushed her forward into the two burly men. Tara yelped as they resumed their rough fondling, kneading her tits and running their palms along her pussy, their cocks hardening against either side of her.

“Uhhhhhhmmm,” Squirming, Tara moaned even more. She found that she had closed her eyes again under the pleasurable assault. Their hands pinched and rubbed her naked body, unafraid to squeeze or pet her most intimate places. She could feel their desire in the way their cocks hardened against her, creeping up along her hips like hungry snakes.

Tara kept struggling, but it was a losing battle in her own mind. “Why am I enjoying this??” Tara thought frantically as a terrible excitement grew in her chest and between her thighs. Her body seemed to answer in turn:

“You want this, Tara. You need this. A good fucking from these strong men…”

Though she tried to fight it, Tara felt her juices flowing and her nipples grazing their ever-petting hands. When she forced open her eyes, she saw Roy tossing his shirt aside. She really stared then.

“I guess you like what you see, huh?” Roy turned back towards the awe-struck woman. Tara saw his bare chest – developed from more than just lifting beds and tables for a living. His muscles flexed with every smooth motion of his arms. Strength radiated from his perfect form, and his look towards Tara was one of pure desire – a prized catch – a toy to be played with.

“Yes…” Tara breathed, her mind quieted for a moment.

“Ha! That the first straight answer you’ve given so far,” Roy laughed, and so did the men holding her – deep laughs that made Tara feel so small, and so much more like a plaything for them. She breathed even harder as he continued, “And you haven’t seen everything yet, Tara…” Tara thought he could merely tear off his workman’s jeans with those powerful arms, but he slowly unzipped them, making Tara squirm with anticipation despite her best efforts to resist.

“You’ve seen naked men before! Don’t lose your head!!” But her thoughts were muddled by the rubbing of her clit, the hot breath gusting against her neck, and the gnawing need growing in the pit of her belly. She had seen men before, Tara knew, “But not men like this…”

The foreman unbuttoned his jeans and stripped himself in a single motion. He stood tall in front of Tara with a smirk on his face. “Look boys, I think Tara has seen something she really likes!”

He was right – Tara’s heart nearly stopped at the sight of his manhood. He was hung, very hung – his veined shaft hung low between his legs, his testicles hanging lower at the base of his shaft, heavy from the weight of their no doubt huge load. The other’s cocks were stockier and fatter while his was longer and still thick. He outstripped his workmates by far with his symmetry and glory – theirs were the cocks of bulls, but his was a stallion’s.

“Oh my god….” Need shot through Tara’s entire body. She felt hot – hot from the men grinding their hardening members against her, hot from Roy’s wolfish gaze over her body, and hot from the burning desire that made her pussy drool down her inner thighs. Tara had stopped struggling. Her knees felt weak and ready to give out at any moment. She couldn’t help herself. Her resistance was failing.

“Mmm, I think Tara wants a taste of us, boys.” Tara didn’t move, even though a small part of her wanted to nod her head. More of her wanted to scream. Roy ran his hand along his length and looked into Tara’s eyes. “Time to get on your knees, Tara.”


“I said get on your knees,” he said again, still stroking his cock.

“No!” Tara glared back at him, trying her resolve not to oogle his growing cock.

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“Alright then, Tara. Have it your way,” The two men grabbed Tara’s shoulders. Tara couldn’t resist as they pushed her down to kneel on the floor. “This is really happening!” Tara thought again in her renewed panic as the two men held her down. She threw her shoulders to no avail as Roy approached, “I’m really going to get raped!!”

This was actually happening – Tara’s fantasies were invading reality, making her giddy with excitement and fear. She was shivering, the hot men surrounding her on all sides stroking their thick manhoods before her wide-open eyes. This wasn’t a dream. She breathed hard, their musk thick and heavy all around her.

Roy grabbed Tara’s chin and made her look at him. “Now Tara, you’re gonna be a good girl and suck all of us off. You’re gonna to do a good job, I can tell. And remember: good girls don’t even think about biting…” He grasped her jaw with just an ounce more of his strength, and Tara understood he meant it. He let her go easy, but she could still feel her cheeks tingling. “Alright Tara, take your pick.”

Tara looked around. The three men surrounded her, slowly stroking their cocks and pointing them at her pouting lips. They were getting hard, and Tara watched their veins bulge and their lengths swell as she looked and breathed on them. She hesitated – “I shouldn’t do this. I can’t do this! They’ll only want more…” she thought, but now her heart was beating fast again, and she found herself breathing deeper not for air, but to take in their musky, intoxicating scent. Tara’s pussy tingled. Her mouth watered.

“Don’t keep us waiting, Tara…” Roy warned. Tara looked back up at the foreman and then to his cock – Its magnificent head was already drooling in anticipation. She leaned forward slowly, glaring up at him, slowly opening her mouth. She had to do it, she tried to convince herself. She tasted his salty precum as his cockhead grazed her tongue. She closed her lips on the shaft.

She began to bob back and forth, taking his cock in a little deeper each time. She tried to keep glaring at Roy, to show him she hated every moment, but she felt her eyes rolling back a few times – was she enjoying this? “No!” she willed herself, and shot him a glare again. Soon she felt the head of his cock grazing the back of her throat each time she went down on him, and her lips were hardly halfway down his shaft…

“Mmmm, I knew you’d be good at this,” Roy moaned, not moving as Tara engulfed his cock – gentleman that he was. “Don’t forget about the boys now – I’m sure they’d like to feel your little hands on them too.” Deep grunts approved on either side of Tara. She scowled at Roy as she lashed his cock with her tongue, but reached up and grabbed hold of their cocks, stroking slowly as she devoured the foreman.

It was difficult to pleasure three men at once. In her fantasies it was far easier – their hands tangling her hair and holding her shoulders, petting and stroking and encouraging her as she gulped down their hot pre-cum and licked their shafts. The reality proved harder, but the hardness of real men growing and pulsing in her hands and the heat of Roy’s cock sliding into her mouth was… better. Oh, much better. Tara’s eyes rolled back again, slurping along Roy’s length with abandon.

“Oooooh,” he groaned, “Now you’re getting into it! Uhhmmm, go get a taste of the boys before you’re guzzling my cum too, huh?” Tara let Roy’s cock go with a salivated *pop* and turned to a bullish member staring her in the face. Tara slid her tongue all along its length, taking hold of Roy’s glistening cock as she kissed the head. The man groaned above her, and she felt a splash of precum coat her tongue – he tasted different than the foreman, saltier and bitter, but she drank in the contrast.

Tara suddenly wanted to taste them all. She let the man’s cock go after only a few lunges, and it shivered like a plank of wood as she kissed the cockhead of the other man. A sweeter taste, and she loved how it drooled down her throat as she took him nearly all in. She turned from man to man, slurping and sucking, coming off their cocks to gasp some air before going back down again.

The men petted her – they groaned – they thrust their hips and forced their cocks deeper into her mouth. She felt their cocks become even more bloated and hard as they ground against her cheeks, and felt her pussy gush as precum roiled down her throat and over her hands. Their grunts, and especially Roy’s humming growls, filled the room. Tara’s fantasy was nothing – reality was better in every way, and she forgot herself, feeling their warm precum drooling down her lips and dripping onto her breasts…

She was gulping on Roy’s cock, jacking off the other men’s saliva-slick members when they had enough. Pulled her to her feet, the dazed girl was pressed upon by two sex-crazed men. Roy stepped back and let Tara groan there, her breasts pressed against the hard pecks of one man and her ass grinding along the other’s pulsing snake. Their slippery cocks rubbed along her wet slit and between her taut asscheeks. Tara moaned – she was in heaven.

Tara peeked over a broad shoulder to see Roy stroking his perfect, glistening cock. “Mmmm, I think Tara’s finally feeling up to her breeding, boys!”

Tara’s heart leapt into her throat. Like a doll the petite girl was thrown onto the bed, freshly made in her naivety just minutes ago. The two men were on her again, stroking their hard dicks over her thighs and belly. She couldn’t stop them – and Tara didn’t know if she wanted them to stop either. Her moist pink pussy was ready for him. For all of them.

One man straddled her, his thick manhood sawing up and down her slit – Tara groaned as she pushed against his chest, a futile effort to push the bullish man off. She felt him find his mark, the thick bulbous head of his manhood hitting catching along the edge of her tight entrance. Tara knew all it took was one thrust, one little motion of his hips, and she would be impaled on his stiff, bare member. Totally unprotected. She dug her fingernails into his chest, feeling him begin to slide in…

Then he rolled onto his back. Tara panted astride him, but gasped when she felt the hot and powerful muscles of the second man press along her back. “Ahh-AHH!!” Tara yelped as the man below her pulled her hips down. She felt his thick shaft pushing into her tight pussy, and felt the other hard cock sliding up along her taut spine. Tara nearly passed out, heart racing and mind spinning. The heat, the pressure, the reality of her fucking all began to sink in.

They began to fuck her. The man below lifted Tara’s shaking hips up before slamming her back down onto his thrusting member. The man behind rubbed his slimy cock up and down, from between her firm cheeks to the small of her back. They gave her no foreplay, no time to acclimate. Their pace raced into a hard beat, thrusting one after the other, and Tara’s helpless little squeaks filled the air.

“N-nooo, uhhh… Please sto – ughmmm!”

But Tara’s pleas were betrayed by her lusty groans. Hard hands possessed her breasts from behind. The hot fingers slid over her nipples and pulled her back so her body ground against the man’s hard midsection. Tara looked down. Her pussy held fast to the thick veiny cock inside her. She watched the shaft emerge as he lifted her up, and yelped as he then forced her little pussy to take in every inch of his raging manhood. Neither man relented in his assault, only broadening their heavy strokes in and against her. Though she fought it, Tara felt her body quiver and give into their ruthless, powerful, unending fucking.

“Oh god! I’m cumming!” Tara wailed. Her pussy clamped down around the hard member inside her. Her cunt pulsed and pulled, tightening like a vice around his ever-thrusting cock. She could feel it pulsing inside her – strong and fast. Her cum oozed down her thighs, coating his already sopping member in a layer of hot grool.

“And that’s just the beginning, you know.” Tara gasped for air and opened her eyes. Roy towered over her, standing on the bed as she gazed at his cock, nearly level with her eyes. He took hold of her chin and lifted her head – she being too weak from her post-orgasmic shivering to do it herself.

“What… what do you m-mean – uhhh!” Tara gasped – the men still ground their cocks against and within her. She nearly couldn’t take it with her pussy stinging from the fucking and her growing arousal.

“Just the beginning of your breeding,” He stroked her blushing cheeks, “Oh Tara, don’t look so surprised – you knew this was coming from the start.”

“B-breeding!? But I didn’t – Ahhh!” Tara arched her back – The man behind her had pinched her nipples especially hard. Deliciously hard…

“Oh yes you did! I saw the way you were looking at me and my boys when you thought we weren’t looking. You wanted to get fucked by us. You were wet and ready before we even touched you. You say no, but your body wants to be bred…” Tara felt their hands all over her – petting her sweaty thighs, her heaving breasts, her flat belly…

“I… I’m not on the pill… I can’t get bred. I can’t get pregnant!” Her voice quavered, icy fear spilling into her hot waves of pleasure.

“Actually, that makes things much easier for us,” Roy said, looking down into Tara’s wide eyes as he stroked his turgid member, “You’ll be seeing how easy it is soon enough…”

Tara couldn’t respond. The man below lifted Tara’s shivering body off his cock, and the man behind her bent her forward. No sooner had she felt the thick manhood once buried in her pussy sliding against her mound than she felt the thick head of the man behind her thrusting into her. Immediately they renewed their assault, keeping Tara forced over, crying out like a cat in heat.

“Oh plea– Ahhhh!!” Her mouth hung open, the intensity of another thick cock sinking into her washed over her, clouded her thoughts, smothered her fear.

“We’ll be taking good care of you, Tara,” She looked up, seeing Roy stroking his regal member above her. “And I am sure you’ll take good care of us…” He stroked the shaft over Tara’s cheeks before tapping the head on her upturned lips.

She didn’t think as she tilted her head up and took in his cock, or as the man behind her pounded harder and harder against her ass. She was too far gone, lost in a sea of ecstasy brought on by these three men taking her. Her pussy gripped onto the second man’s cock harder than before. She dug her fingernails into the hard chest of the man below her. She licked from the base of Roy’s long staff to its drooling tip, and relished the taste – the motion – the fucking.

“I’m being bred…” – Roy’s words hit home suddenly, shattering over Tara her like a broken mirror. She could only think it over and over.

“I’m being bred…” – the man behind slammed into her roughly, a heavy hand seizing her shoulder as he sunk every inch of himself into her depths. She moaned loudly and thrust back.

“I’m being bred…” – the man below, his cock slick with her juices, thrusted incessantly across her trimmed mound and up to her navel, his cock and balls rubbing along her clit with every stroke. Tara humped down against him eagerly.

“I’m being bred.” – Roy slid his cock deep into her mouth, his manhood pulsing hard as he pumped his fertile precum down Tara’s throat. All her moans were muffled by his thick virile meat.

“I’m being bred!” The thought mixed both heart- stopping terror and quim-quivering excitement. She couldn’t help herself. She couldn’t help feeling so totally possessed, so completely feminine, so utterly controlled by these powerful men. She was theirs. She was their breeding toy.

Tara felt the men surrounding her, their hard muscled bodies taking her, fucking her, using her. She was in heat, and needed to be bred. The familiar tightness seized her belly, and with a shudder that coursed throughout she came again, her fertile pussy clutching tight. Her gargled and muffled scream sounded from around Roy’s cock buried in her throat.

“Mmmm! Yeah, you’re getting into it now, aren’t ya?” Roy laughed and pulled his cock from her. Tara slumped over, gasping for air, still coming down from her powerful orgasm. The two other men stopped as well. Tara huffed as the man pulled his cock out of her hungry pussy, and sighed weakly as the man below her rolled her over onto her back. She saw Roy kneel down above her head, the underside of his still-hard cock filling her vision. He tapped the head thoughtfully on her pink lips.

“So,” he said, “How are you liking it so far?”

“Please,” Tara’s heart raced as she regained her senses, “Please… Please just stop, Roy…” Her eyes were turned up to his. She tried to convince him despite the orgasmic shivers still running through her.

“Stop? But you don’t want us to stop.” The other men were alongside her now, petting their hands down her heaving breasts and flat tummy. Tara couldn’t deny that it felt good, but she sipped in a breath of air to stop herself from moaning.

“You’ve had your fun. Just… just finish and go away,” Tara’s pride hurt, ashamed of her lustful thoughts, but she wouldn’t be defeated. Her pussy was sore, her nipples were almost painfully hard, and her ass was red from all the pounding. Her pale skin was covered in beads of sweat, just like the bronze-tanned men surrounding her. But she wanted it to be over, no matter how much her body screamed for more.

“The fun’s just beginning, especially for you Tara,” Roy said with a growing smile. She felt the man on her left move aside, and she was rolled over onto her stomach by the other. The man moved behind her and pulled her to her knees, bringing her ass up to meet his hard cock. Tara pushed herself up with her arms, but she couldn’t escape the man’s grip on her hips.

“Get a condom,” she tried to command, but only heard a deep chuckle behind her.

“He doesn’t like condoms,” Roy said, “Besides, they make breedings that much more difficult.”

“Put on a condom!” Tara felt him lining himself up with her still-wet entrance despite her frail struggle.

“Looks like you’re getting bare cock tonight, Tara,” Roy laughed as he watched her look frantically over her shoulder.

“No,” Tara felt him push in, “Nooo! Nuhhhh!” The man wasted no time in sinking deep into her and pounding hard and deep. Pleasure lanced through Tara’s fears, but Roy fanned then back to life.

“Mmmm, can’t resist that for long, can you? Getting barebacked by a big strong guy. I bet he’s already filling your tight little pussy with sperm as we speak.” Tara could feel her pussy getting even slicker, and his cock was pulsing as it plunged deep inside her.

“Make –make him pull ouuut!” Tara threw her head back and moaned aloud as her pussy spasmed along his length.

“Oh he will, Tara, but I think he’ll be doing that after he’s done filling you with spunk,” The man tugged on her wild brunette hair, keeping Tara arched and moaning louder as he thrust even harder into her.

“I- I can’t – Ahhh!” Tara arm’s shook, his hard thrusts creaking the bed. Roy grabbed her shoulders, leaning in closer as he kept her steady.

“Can’t get pregnant right now? You know better …” Tara did know. It was in fact the most dangerous time in her cycle, the time when she was usually most cautious and the most easily aroused…


“I bet you’re even gonna feel it when he cums inside you, Tara! Every throb, every gush, deep inside where it belongs,” The man fucking Tara picked up his pace. Tara screamed. She could feel the change in him, his cock pumping furiously into her and twitching madly. His heavy balls drew up, preparing their dangerous load.

Tara panicked, “NO! Don’t cum in me – don’t cum in me!! Please don’t give me a, a – AHH!”

The man plowed into Tara’s pussy then – her pleas only served to fuel the man’s breeding drive. He filled the room with the sounds of his harsh grunting and the protests of the bed, topped off with Tara’s cries. Tara could tell he was close – his bullish member pounded furiously into her depths, twitching harder and harder. He held her hips in a vice.

“Oooh, getting close are we?” Roy said, “Getting excited about getting inseminated, hmm?” Tara’s flushed breasts shivered and heaved. Pussy juice ran down her legs. She couldn’t catch her breath. Her pussy began to flutter as sperm-heavy balls threatened her with every stroke.

“Ahh god – No! Don’t cum in meeeee!”

The man’s constant grunting rose in pitch – then broke into a bellow. He slammed into her quivering pussy. Deep. And held. His member erupted inside her, belching its hot thick load into her depths.

Tara gave in. She couldn’t help herself. Her body seized. Her pussy spasmed. And she felt his hard cock throbbing inside her. His balls lurched against her clit as he came, hot spurts of semen pouring into Tara’s milking cunt. She felt every heavy twitch, every hot blast of cum ejaculating into her bare pink depths.

“AHHH!!” Tara arched her back and thrust herself back onto his cock – she came like a bitch in heat. Her whole body quaked at the sensation – the heat, the thickness, the dangerous wetness filling her vulnerable pussy to the brim.

Tara felt herself being bred – and she loved it. She loved the way he groaned and jerked his cock inside her, forcing her hips to stay still as he deposited the last of his load into her quavering pussy. Tara watched the other two stroking themselves through her post-orgasmic haze. They all desired her, she felt it all along. Now she felt it coating her womb…

All too soon, however, the man behind her stirred, and his softening cock slipped out of her gripping pussy. “Nooooo…” Tara mewled weakly and tried to push back onto him, her orgasm not quite finished, but it was too late – the man’s flaccid cock slithered out of her and he moved aside.

Tara’s legs gave out. She slid down to the bed, onto her belly. She was hyperventilating, her heart was racing from the threat. Tara could feel it – thick, warm cum spilled from her pussy, dripping onto her fresh sheets. From her pussy – her unprotected pussy. The horror of her insemination seized her.

“Oh God! He came in me! I – I have to do something!” Tara thought of leaping from them, to somehow get away from these men before the damage was done inside her all-too fertile belly. The warm semen seeped down her leg as she remained shivering on the bed. “I can’t get pregnant from this!!”

“Where do you think you’re going, Tara?” Tara had begun to pull herself across the bed – too weak from her orgasm to crawl. Roy laughed, as he just lightly grabbed her hips and her escape ceased. “I can feel you shivering still,” he said, fingering her hips, “You must have enjoyed your very first insemination, huh?”

“Ughh… N-no… I got to… go…” Tara tried to creep away again, but he drug her back to the center of the bed like a wayward kitten.

“Go? Where?”

“Shower… must get… it out,” she felt it inside her, sloshing about with her labored movements.

“That’s not going to do you much good, not with the fun just getting underway and all…”

Tara looked back, realizing that two eager men hadn’t yet had their ‘fill’. She redoubled her efforts to squirm out of Roy’s grip, but it was no use. Like a doll, Tara was flipped onto her back with legs splayed out. Roy stepped aside as the other moving man mounted her, plowing his stocky member along her creamy slit.

“Ugh, please!” Tara bucked her hips weakly, but the man wouldn’t relent, “Don’t! I don’t want to get pregnant!!” She wailed, even as her pussy quivered along his shaft. It knew what it wanted.

Roy smirked, having stepped aside the bed to get a view of the second mounting. “You know Tara, as convincing as you sound right now, you sure don’t show it when you’re getting fucked,” The man began to push the bulbous head of his cock into Tara’s tight pussy. A moan escaped her lips before she could stop herself.

“See? You can’t lie, Tara. You like it. You like how good it felt before, being bred from behind, having him cum deep inside you. Risking everything. You wanted it then, and you want it now – even more than before.”

“AHH!” The man thrust into her. Deep. The thick viscous cum still coated her tight inner walls, and his hard cock packed the gooey semen inside her – stretching her and mixing that dangerously hot cum all at the same time. She had never felt anything like it before.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh…” She started to feel it again, that buildup inside, radiating from her hot pussy and up through her belly. Only it was quicker this time, with this new sensation roiling inside her receptive pussy. The brute atop her slammed harder and harder, quaking the bed and grunting like a wildman. He pounded Tara’s hips into the mattress like a stake into the ground.

Tara, trapped between the man’s thick arms and under his musky girth, could only wait for the inevitable. But she did not wait. Her hips bucked back, at first just a little. Then more. And more. Tara began to meet his thrusts halfway, relishing the impact, the pressure, the feeling of being overwhelmed by his power.

“I can’t believe I’m getting fucked like this…” She gripped his arms, her pale hands small on him, bracing herself against his thrusts and her impending climax. She mewled and grunted, her little feminine noises eclipsed by his deep masculine grunts above her. Her tits shivered, their nipples erect and hard. Her pussy endured the deep impacts, softened by the dangerous cum being packed ever deeper inside her. And Tara had only a single thought:

“I can’t believe I like this!”

Roy was right. She felt herself getting close again. She felt his arms tensing under her fingers, his thrusts becoming ridged and wild. His grunts became bellows, his balls slapping her sensitive cunt. Tara knew she made him wild. She knew her body was too much for him. She knew she was pushing him over the edge.

She knew it, and began to cum because of it.

“I-I’m cumm-AHHH!!” Tara arched her back and screamed as her orgasm crashed over her.

Tara felt his cock pulse – her clamping pussy felt strings of spunk shooting off deep into her, no doubt seeping into her womb. He rutted, gushing his hot spunk into her receptive hole, not pulling out, not caring about protection at all. And Tara wrapped her legs around him as her orgasmic cunt milked him for every drop.

Tara was still quivering and panting when the man finally pulled out of her. He left a trail of semen in his wake, clinging to her reddened and slimy pussy lips.

“Ohhhh god…” Tara groaned as her legs dropped from him, too exhausted to even lift them. Lying there she tried to catch her breath. Her pussy tingled from where the man had been slamming himself into her, and she felt she was burning despite all the sweat clinging to her naked body. Her pussy felt as though it was filled with liquid fire.

“Must be all their cum in me…” Tara thought, feeling it shifting and oozing as she ground herself into the bed.


Roy chuckled behind her. “Still haven’t had enough, Tara? Looks like you want more inside you.”

“I… uhhh…” Tara shivered as a dollop of sperm emerged from her fucked hole and drooled over her clit. “I can’t… take anymore…”

“Oh, I’m going to make sure you can,” He rolled the limp girl onto her belly. Cum sloshed heavily inside her. Roy spread her still-sensitive ass, looking at her fiery pussy. “Hmmm, yeah, you’re pretty full aren’t you? Must like the feeling of all that cum working its way inside you, huh?”

Tara stopped her grinding against the bed. It was dangerous for her to stay with cum soaking deeper and deeper into her too-fertile womb, but she didn’t move. She couldn’t move. Or rather, she wouldn’t move. Nor reply to Roy.

“Not quite convinced about liking your breeding yet?” Roy asked. Tara felt him grip her waist and roll her over again. Now on her back, Tara saw the men looking down at her – two relaxed and satisfied, and one with burning eyes. “Just look at yourself, Tara.”

She complied. With difficulty, Tara lifted her head and surveyed her splayed, tired body. Her breasts rose and fell with her deep breaths, her pink nipples jutted from her flushed breasts. Glistening sweat painted all across her chest and belly, and between her spread legs her mound’s trimmed hair was matted with sweat and semen.

Tara didn’t have to see her pussy to know it was utterly drenched with cum, or to know that her pussy lips were openly inviting more –Her desire surged between her legs, and she was getting hot again with Roy between her legs.

“He is right… I do want this…” Her eyes found Roy’s, his regal cock held firm in his slow-stroking hand. Tara looked up into the eyes of the foreman she once despised, and spread her legs wider for him.

“Finally!” The foreman exclaimed, praising the helpless woman while grabbing her hips again, “Took you long enough to come around.” He drug her towards him on the bed. With his knees he spread her legs further and planted his arms like stakes on either side. Tara breathed harder as her eyes followed him mounting her.

He stroked his great member down her mound, the precum trailing to her whitewashed pussy. He brushed his cock up and down her gooey slit – she moaned softly, heart pounding so fast in her chest, not from fear but from want.

The head of Roy’s cock caught the entrance of her saturated pussy. The tip slipped in. With a gasp Tara gripped either side of his chest, her body forgetting how tired it was. He looked down on her, into her upturned eyes, and with a triumphant smirk he thrust himself completely in.

Tara’s pussy already overflowed with cum. It had been slowly trickling down her ass ever since Roy turned her onto her back, though most had remained spreading inside her belly.

But as the foreman thrust himself into her, the sea of spunk inside her squelched and gushed out of her tight hole around his invading member that reached further than the others. There was no room for the other men’s inferior cum. As he bottomed out inside her, their loads flooded over her pussy lips like an overfilled cup. He began pumping the remains of his competition out of Tara’s saturated pussy in broad, filling strokes.

“Mmmmhh!” Tara tried to move her hips to meet his thrusts, but he was too strong – her rocking pussy was pinned to the bed every time he plowed into her. But the sensation was too much for Tara – the loud smucking and sucking slurping from her pussy, the sounds of his magnificent cock stunting its competitor’s chances as their cum oozed hotly and uselessly down her pussy lips, made her moan like nothing before.

He was taking her for himself, Tara realized, this man mounting her so forcefully, his build dominating her small frame. He jutted his hips like a piston, a machine build for one purpose, the purpose now being fulfilled inside Tara’s gripping, slopping cunt. The other men looked on as their leader took her body, and Tara looked into the fiery eyes that were taking her mind.

“Oh God Roy!” She cried with abandon, her heart fluttering, “Yes!” Tara bucked against him, but was pounded into the bed with a slam. Her clit screamed with delight.

He growled above her, grinding his pelvis into hers. He palmed one of Tara’s heaving tits, fingers gripping her taut flesh that soon might swell with milk. He took her nipple between his fingers, tweaking and pulling the hard pink nub as if to illustrate this dangerous possibility to the squirming woman below him.

“Yes!” Tara arched her back, pressing her breasts into his possessing hand as much as she could. She gasped as he pinched the sensitive nub hard. It made Tara hot – hot to think that he was taking her body for that one purpose, to plant his seed deep and watch it grow…

“Ughhhh!” Tara didn’t want to get pregnant, but she couldn’t help herself – she was turned on by the idea of this man cumming deep inside her fertile cunt. Impregnating her. No – Breeding her.

Roy, face dripping with sweat from his hard beat, growled above her. “I’m gonna breed you tonight, Tara.” It wasn’t a question, Tara knew. It was a fact.

At that moment, Tara wouldn’t resist herself any longer. They wouldn’t let her plead or beg or escape – they all wanted her, so they all took her like Roy was taking her now. They took her like animals, like she was an animal. An animal in heat, an animal to breed. Tara knew that she was their plaything, their pet, their bitch in heat.

“Ahhh! Fuck me harder, Roy!” Tara screamed, as if her whole body had been waiting all night to say it, “Fucking breed me!!”

RAAHH!” Roy moved faster than Tara could imagine – he pulled out of her sopping cunt and threw her onto her belly. In an instant he mounted her cunt from behind, slamming against her deliciously sore ass. Tara gasped lustily and tried to rise to her knees, but only got halfway there.

“Ah, ah, ah – AHH!” Tara couldn’t get up – he held her down with his weight, his toned muscles working along her slick back as he fucked her faster and harder. Every thrust pushed her down, inch by inch, down till her belly ground into the silky sheets and her hips were pinned to the cum-soaked mattress.

His hot breath billowed into her ear and down her neck. His taunts were lost in his wolfish growls. He seized her wrists and held them in one hand pinned above her head. His chest pressed her hard, mashing her breasts into the silky sheets with every lunge. He even trapped her legs, having spread them apart to open her pussy up even further to his assault.

Grahh! Scream for your breeding, Tara!” Roy barked.

“Oh god – oh god – ohhh go-AHHH!” Tara lifted her head from the bed in her cry, the only part of herself she could move.

Roy’s teeth found her neck then, a beast claiming his mate. Tara went wild, her mind focused on nothing but the need to breed, to be bred by this powerful man, this Alpha among lesser men. He thrust ferociously, the smucking and quelching of his rival’s cum being pumped out of Tara’s hole filled the room, smacking her ass with his punishing blows. His body tensed along her back. His balls tightened. Tara screamed.

“Take me! BREED ME!!” Tara exploded with pleasure, her pussy closing like a vice around Roy’s sunken member, holding him in as she came. He roared into her neck, biting down hard as he buried himself into her fertile cunt. He erupted inside her – a horde of virile sperm blasting against the gates of her womb. Tara’s whole body quaked under his as she felt his thick sticky ropes lancing inside her, his heavy balls jerking against her as they injected their fertilizing load.

Tara flashed to images of cum splashing inside her womb, the other men’s cum easily overwhelmed by his superior forces. They fought each other deep inside her womb, spiraling towards her great prize suspended within her warm depths. They surrounded her egg, the Alpha sperm easily covering its whole surface in a carpet of wriggling tails and pushing heads. Tara felt a twinge in her orgasmic belly as one of those sperm disappeared inside her fertile egg…

She was brought back to the moment feeling Roy thrust into her again, planting the last of his semen into the orgasmic girl. Tara’s orgasm continued even as his ebbed, though he still rutted inside her, injecting his sperm deep in a pool against her pulsing cervix. Tara’s vision ended there, her mind awash in a sea of pleasure as her pussy milked his cock till the last drops oozed into her bare pink depths.

Finally, Roy let up. Keeping his still-hard member planted deep inside her, he held all of his own cum deep within her quivering body while the other cum stained uselessly into Tara’s sheets. He remained inside and atop her as her orgasm gave way to a completely satisfied afterglow growing in her chest and behind her eyes.

“Hmm hmm hmm…” Roy’s deep humming vibrated against her back, “I think this one has made us proud, right boys?” They chuckled in agreement, and Tara could only let out a tired giggle, her head flopping down onto the bed. She was smiling ear to ear, exhilaration still running through her veins.

“So Tara,” Roy said, kissing her neck gently where his teeth marked her as his own.

“Yes Roy?” She replied dreamily, looking forward to the sleep about to wash over her.

“Are you ready for your Second breeding?”


The sun peaked through the half-closed curtains of the bare bedroom, casting its rays over the prone and sweaty form of Tara half wrapped in a tangle of sheets. She slept soundly, reluctant to awaken from such peaceful dreams. Moving her legs across the mattress let her feel the cool moist patches where the night’s activities had spilled over.

“Mmm, I remember now…” Tara cracked her eyes open. She hadn’t installed a clock in the room yet, but judging from outside it was just past eight with the sun lighting up the normally quiet world. Sitting up she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as best she could.

“Ooooh, and I remember this very well…” She ran her hand down her naked front to her pussy where semen crusted on her still-moist lips and inner thighs, as well as just about everywhere else on her. Slipping a finger inside, she found some of it still moist. Tara smiled and put on one of her robes – “A shower can wait till later…”

What she didn’t find were the movers. Their clothes were gone as well as any trace of their presence, save for the cum-stained bed and her heavily inseminated body. Her bare feet slapped along the hardwood floor as she stepped out of her room. She pulled the robe tightly around herself to guard against the cold.

“That’s just great – the breed ’em and leave ’em type… Typical.”

Tara glanced down, seeing her favorite rabbit toy lying unused in its box. “At least you got to take a break for the day.” When she raised her eyes again, she saw a card lying on the table. Striding forward, she grabbed it and read the moving company’s logo and phone number. She turned it over and read:

Thanks for the fun last night. Call again anytime, Tara.


Tara smiled. She knew she wouldn’t be needing a boyfriend anytime soon, since she already had three to keep her lusts and pussy well satisfied. She stood for a moment, wondering if her vision last night was prophetic as she opened her loose fitting robe. Her belly was no different, a flat plain that could soon be sporting a growing hill. Ordering the morning-after pill wouldn’t be so hard, she thought…

She strode to the counter and picked up her phone, beginning to dial the number on the card – Tara felt that some major redecorating was going to be done in her life in the next couple of weeks, and it required lots of heavy-lifting!